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The Truth About Jesus' Resurrection and
Other Spiritual Truths Clearly Explained


Jesus' resurrection did not occur as most people have understood it. This site deciphers what the Bible really says about the events surrounding Jesus' resurrection as presented in the book:

In the Heart of the Earth: The Secret Code
That Reveals What Is In the Heart of God.

Many other spiritual truths (see the navigation bar and complete list of about 350 pages at the site map) are explained by, as far as possible, allowing the Bible to define its own terms.

By allowing the Bible to define its own terms we gain a much better understanding of its truths. This site does that in several important areas. You can understand Bible truth like you never have before.

Below are short introductions to important topics on this site.

In the Heart of the Earth

Why are there so many conflicting theories on the timing of Jesus' death and resurrection? I believe it is because the meaning of important words as the Bible itself defines them have been ignored.

For example, the Bible never (in any of 160 cases) uses the Greek word "kardia" (translated as "heart" in the phrase "in the heart of the earth" in Matt 12:40) to mean the middle or center of anything. When Biblical uses of kardia are examined in context, the meaning is very clear. Allowing the Bible itself to define "kardia" and other key words related to this topic reveals exciting truths about the timing of Jesus' resurrection. Read more ...

What is God Really Life?

What is God Really Like? In recent years, the topic of the character of God has been under increasingly more study and discussion. Why is this important? I have read a number of books on the issue and taken the approach, personally, to put God in the best light possible in terms of my understanding of His character. After all, the better I understand His character to be, the more I love Him and desire a relationship with Him.

What is God Really Like? There has always been a tension between ideas of God's love and His justice. Somewhere in that continuum lies the truth. Read more ...

Biblical Forgiveness

Biblical Forgiveness - do you understand it? Most people aren't aware that the word for forgiveness is translated from a variety of original Hebrew and Greek words which have different meanings. For example, one Greek word is used consistently to refer to forgiveness as experienced in the heart of the forgiver, the one doing the forgiving. Another refers to forgiveness as it is received in the heart of the one being forgiven. This has tremendous significance for our understanding of God's attitude towards us and can bring great relief to a person tormented by guilt. Read more ...

Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation This series of pages includes notes from research and insights shared during a weekly, in-depth study of the book of Revelation. If your desire is to study the book of Revelation and understand its messages, you will find the information linked to here a great help. There is both simple information - think of it as Revelation for Dummies - and pages dealing with topics in considerable depth. In some cases, alternative viewpoints will be presented. We are not too dogmatic on such questionis as whether the 144,000 is a literal or figurative number. Read more ...

Map of Israel

Who is Israel? The question of what or who constitutes Israel today - Israel in God's eyes - is a critical topic that greatly effects understanding of end-time events. This study goes back to the origin of Israel - the name, the man and his people. Understanding why God changed Jacob's name to Israel and the circumstances involved in this event will greatly help to identify the true Israel of God today. Read more ...


Slave, Servant, Son, Spouse This study looks at how the law of god has applied at different stages of man's relationship with Him. We treat our children differently when they are young compared to when they become adults. Does God's law, at least in intent or application, vary according to our state of spiritual maturity? YouTube video (53 min)

No Room at the Inn

Was the date of Jesus' birth really December 25 or was it at another time of year? What does the Bible say? Shouldn't it be consulted on such a question? Most people are happy to celebrate Christmas on December 25 and really don't care if that was the correct date or not. But think of it: would you, for instance, go to your spouse and say "happy anniversary" months from your true anniversary date? Doesn't it make sense to observe an anniversary on the anniversary? So when was Jesus born? Let's take a look in the Word for answers. Read more ...

Change Ahead Sign

The Millennium is a time many people speak of looking forward to but which seems to be very poorly understood. It is the 1000-year period following the Second Coming of Jesus which follows the 7 last plagues; plagues which will make the earth uninhabitable. I would rather spend the 1000 years in heaven after which Revelation tells us God will make a new earth. The events at the beginning, end and during the millennium are clearly laid out in Revelation chapter 20 and carefully diagrammed on this page. If you have been confused about it, see what the Bible itself says. Read more ...

Please take a look at the study of Jesus' Resurrection and other important topics above. And explore the rest of this site - there are over 300 pages of informative studies of many important Bible topics. I welcome your feedback. May you be blessed as you seek a greater understanding of His word.  
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The Greek has multiple words for forgiveness? God forgives (charizomai) whether we ask or not. Receiving forgiveness (apheimi) is by our choice.
God always forgives!
"You are so spot on. I thought I was the only one that interpreted the scripture the way you do. I am so glad to see that there are people that understand the truth. My question to you is, do people listen? Do people take you seriously? Do you experience a lot of ridicule and rejection? I am curious to know because right now I am questioning all I have been taught and wondering why Christians reject the truth. Is Christianity right? What is right? I would appreciate your response greatly. Once again, you have done so well, keep up the brilliant work!" - Alicia D., Idaho

"Thanks to Ray for your persistent digging deep into some of these word studies, and for your easy- to-understand explanations that always maintain a focus on the love God has for us, and for His amazing character that was displayed in the life of Jesus our Savior." - Bruce Avilla - Fayetteville, TN


This site uses many diagrams to help make Bible topics more understandable. The important ones are collected in one place below with short descriptions so you can quickly see what might be of interest to you. Each diagram links to a page with more details. In some cases, the diagrams here have been edited to make better use of the wider space available. More diagrams will be added soon including several that help to explain the timing of Jesus' resurrection and related events.

The date of Jesus' birth explains how it could not have occurred in December as many traditions teach. More info ...

Jesus birth diagram

Illustration of the layers of God's law showing how each layer adds details to the great original principle that God is love. More info ...

Layers of God's law

God's law to meet man's needs over the course of salvation history. More info ...

God's law to meet man's needs

The timeline of the Millennium including events before and after. More info ...

The Millennium Timeline

The covenants of God illustrated - who is in or out of the relationship? See the study for more info on each stage.

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

Covenants of God

The Seven Churches of Revelation, a comparision of the messages. More info ...

Revelations's Seven Churches

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