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If you are trying to find a certain word or phrase or are just wondering if I mention it on this site, enter your search word or phrase in the box below. For a multi-word phrase use quotation marks around your search term.

Note that if you search for a word/phrase that appears in the navigation bar, the search results will include every page (over 300) However, the most relevant pages will appear first.

Once on the page you want, you can find any word or phrase on that page by pressing Ctrl-F on your keyboard (For the Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers) and entering the word/phrase (with quotes) you are looking for. (I may not have always been consistent with my abbreviations for some of the more obscure books such as Song of Solomon or Philemon and, of course, many verses are not quoted at all.)

You can also search for a reference to any Bible verse on this site by entering a reference to a verse in the search box above.

To search, enter the verse reference with quotation marks and using the book abbreviations I have listed below. I have tried to stick close to using these as my standard abbreviation. Of course, they will not work in cases where I have quoted from another source that uses different abbreviations or the full book name.

For example, entering "Rev 1:1" (including the quotation marks) in the search box will bring up pages that include Rev 1:1 within the text of that page. The list will not include pages that have "Revelation 1:1" but do not have "Rev 1:1".

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Leviticus Lev Lamentations Lam 2 Corinthians 2 Cor
Numbers Num Ezekiel Eze Galatians Gal
Deuteronomy Deut Daniel Dan Ephesians Eph
Joshua Josh Hosea Hos Phillipians Phil
Judges Jud Joel Joel Colossians Col
Ruth Ruth Amos Amos 1 Thessalonians 1 Thess
1 Samuel 1 Sam Obadiah Obad 2 Thessalonians 2 Thess
2 Samuel 2 Sam Jonah Jonah 1 Timothy 1 Tim
1 Kings 1 Kings Micah Micah 2 Timothy 2 Tim
2 Kings 2 Kings Nahum Nahum Titus Titus
1 Chronicles 1 Chron Habbakuk Hab Philemon Phim
2 Chronicles 2 Chron Zephaniah Zeph Hebrews Heb
Ezra Ezra Haggai Hag James Jam
Nehemiah Neh Zechariah Zech 1 Peter 1 Pet
Esther Esth Malachi Mal 2 Peter 2 Pet
Job Job Matthew Matt 1 John 1 John
Psalms Psa Mark Mark 2 John 2 John
Proverbs Pro Luke Luke 3 John 3 John
Ecclesiastes Eccl John John Jude Jude
Song of Solomon S.Sol Acts Acts Revelation Rev
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God always forgives!


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