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Remote Control Drone Aircraft

The reports on remote control drone aircraft are not meant to be scary; just to alert you to the potential of where we are headed. The Mark of the Beast that is so well known is not an outward mark as many people think. It has to do with worship - to whom do you give your mental allegiance? Yet there will be means used to enforce it. And surveillance technology is advancing at a very rapid pace as you will see.

Note that I am simply sharing items of interest. That does not imply that I agree with everything presented.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes ..." (Matt 24:6-7)

Prophecy News - 2012 July

Remote Control Drone Aircraft

Remote Controlled Mosquito-Sized Flying Spy Drone
By. KCurtis / / June 15, 2012

Mosquito Drone

"Is that a mosquito ... NO! This is an 'INSECT SPY DRONE' already in production. ... It can be controlled from a great distance and is equipped with a camera, microphone and can land on you, and use it's needle to take a DNA sample with the pain of a mosquito bite. Or it can inject a micro RFID tracking device under your skin. It can land on you, and you take it in your home or it can fly thru a window.

"Funny, don't you see your window of privacy getting real narrow these days. They are preparing - are you?"

Mosquito Drone

Note: You might think, from looking at the picture above, that is is obviously not a real mosquito. But remember, the image is several times life size. Take a look at it at more of a real-life size (image to right) and you might be fooled.

Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs
By: Rick Weiss / Washington / October 9, 2007

"The Dragonfly" - Pete Valentine combined
two Cybirds to build this ornithopter, which
resembles a large bird-sized dragonfly.

"Vanessa Alarcon saw them while working at an antiwar rally in Lafayette Square last month.

"I heard someone say, 'Oh my god, look at those,' the college senior from New York recalled. 'I look up and I'm like . . . they looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But I mean, those are not insects.'

"Out in the crowd, Bernard Crane saw them, too.

"'I'd never seen anything like it in my life,' the Washington lawyer said. 'They were large for dragonflies. I thought, "Is that mechanical, or is that alive?"'

That is just one of the questions hovering over a handful of similar sightings at political events in Washington and New York. Some suspect the insect-like drones are high-tech surveillance tools, perhaps deployed by the Department of Homeland Security.

"No agency admits to having deployed insect-size spy drones. But a number of U.S. government and private entities acknowledge they are trying. Some federally funded teams are even growing live insects with computer chips in them, with the goal of mounting spyware on their bodies and controlling their flight muscles remotely.

"The robobugs could follow suspects, guide missiles to targets or navigate the crannies of collapsed buildings to find survivors."

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War Evolves With Drones, Some Tiny as Bugs
By: Elizabeth Bumiller and Thom Shanker / The New York / June 19, 2011

War with Drones
A microdrone during a demo flight at
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Two miles from the cow pasture where the Wright Brothers learned to fly the first airplanes, military researchers are at work on another revolution in the air: shrinking unmanned drones, the kind that fire missiles into Pakistan and spy on insurgents in Afghanistan, to the size of insects and birds.

"The drones in development here are designed to replicate the flight mechanics of moths, hawks and other inhabitants of the natural world. 'We're looking at how you hide in plain sight,' said Greg Parker, an aerospace engineer, as he held up a prototype of a mechanical hawk that in the future might carry out espionage or kill.

"From blimps to bugs, an explosion in aerial drones is transforming the way America fights and thinks about its wars. Predator drones, the Cessna-sized workhorses that have dominated unmanned flight since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, are by now a brand name, known and feared around the world. But far less known is the sheer size, variety and audaciousness of a rapidly expanding drone universe, along with the dilemmas that come with it.

"In February, researchers unveiled a hummingbird drone, built by the firm AeroVironment for the secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which can fly at 11 miles per hour and perch on a windowsill. But it is still a prototype."

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Sun Struck
The space-weather forecast for the next few years: solar storms, with a chance of catastrophic blackouts on Earth. Are we prepared?
By: Timothy Ferris / National / June 2012

Few objects seem as familiar as the sun --
there it is, up in the sky every sunny day --
yet few are so strange.

"'We cannot predict what the sun will do more than a few days ahead of time,' laments Karel Schrijver of Lockheed Martin's Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory in Palo Alto, California. With a period of maximum solar activity expected to begin this year, space-weather centers are adding staff and hoping for the best.

"'We're trying to understand how space weather percolates into society and just how bad it can get,' says Schrijver. "'The morally right thing to do once you've identified a threat of this magnitude is to be prepared. It's like earthquakes in San Francisco. Not preparing for it has intolerable consequences.'"

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Iranian General: Our Finger On War Trigger
By: Reza Kahlil / / June 8, 2012

Revolutionary Guard

"With Western pressure growing on Bashar Assad over the latest massacres of defenseless women and children in Syria, Iranian officials again are warning the world against any action against the Middle East dictator.

"The pro-Assad 'resistance' has its finger on the trigger and the aggressors will not survive the conflict, a senior commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazaeri, told Mashregh, a media outlet run by the Guards. Iranian officials often refer to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon as the resistance front.

"Mashregh reported in March that Iran's armed forces had formed a joint war room that included officers from Syria, Iran and Hezbollah for a coordinated military response to an attack on Syria.

"'A conflict in Syria will engulf the region and its main victims will be the people of Syria themselves,' Jazaeri warned the protesters. 'The Zionist regime and the interests of the enemies of Syria are all within range of the resistance fire.'"

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran's Revolutionary Guard and author of the award-winning book, 'A Time to Betray.' He is a senior fellow with EMPact America and teaches at the U.S. Department of Defense's Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy. He also is a member of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

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Why You Absolutely Must Have Food Supplies, Hard Assets and Reserve Cash
By: Mac Salvo / / June 11, 2012
Via Adiconsum Italia -- Translated via Google

Anxious Customers
Anxious Customers Wait in Line

"While many refuse to believe that it can happen, evidence for why it is absolutely critical to stock up for hard times and worst case scenarios is and has been staring us in the face for the last several years (never mind the thousands of years of historical precedent).

"The Bank of Italy authorized the suspension of payments by Bank Network Investments SpA (BNI) without communicating anything to the depositors.

"Bank of Italy, in fact, after extending the receivership of the bank, thus giving the impression of an imminent rescue, then gave the green light for compulsory winding up, without giving any prior notice to the depositors, leaving them in no condition to perform any type of operation, even basic ones for daily survival, such as withdrawals / payments, utilities payments, rates, taxes.

"This is not an isolated incident and we have, in fact, seen a similar scenario play out right here in America . . ."

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America's Mathematically Certain Nightmare
By: Robert Morley / the / June 5, 2012

Point of No Return

"In coming years, effective tax rates may reach 50, 60, even 70 percent. This will be no socialist paradise. It will be a national nightmare, because even with confiscatory tax rates, politicians will still have no choice but to chop Medicare and Medicaid -- leaving tens of millions of people without adequate health care. Retirement ages will be raised well beyond 70. And if you are in the military, start looking for another career, because everything from our aircraft carrier fleet to the man on the beat is going to be mothballed.

"Sound unbelievable?

"On May 26, the Wall Street Journal reported on why there will be an economic collapse before America solves its spending problems.

"Here it is: One in seven households is on food stamps. Another one in seven Americans receives or lives with someone who gets Medicare. More than one in seven households relies on Social Security. More than one in four has at least one person on Medicaid. One in 50 households has a member relying on unemployment benefits. Thousands more have members on disability.

"Add it all up and 49.1 percent -- almost half -- of America lives in a household where at least one member receives some type of government benefit!

"Did you get that? Roughly half of America is on the government dole. Many households receive more than one government handout."

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-built Submarines
By: dgs/SPIEGEL / Spiegel / June 3, 2012

Israeli Submarines
The Dolphin class submarines are built
for Israel in a shipyard in Kiel.

"A German shipyard has already built three submarines for Israel, and three more are planned. Now SPIEGEL has learned that Israel is arming the submarines with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. The German government has known about Israel's nuclear weapons program for decades, despite its official denials.

"In the past, the German government has always stuck to the position that it is unaware of nuclear weapons being deployed on the vessels. Now, however, former high-ranking officials from the German Defense Ministry, including former State Secretary Lothar Rühl and former chief of the planning staff Hans Rühle, have told SPIEGEL that they had always assumed that Israel would deploy nuclear weapons on the submarines. Rühl had even discussed the issue with the military in Tel Aviv."

Study Finds Deadly Bird Flu Is Five Steps Away from Being a Pandemic
The Extinction / June 22, 2012

Researchers meeting at the World Health
Organization in February agreed the full
findings should be published ....

June 22, 2012 - HEALTH -- Five genetic tweaks made a deadly strain of bird flu that can infect humans spread more easily, according to a study that the U.S. government had first sought to censor on concerns it could be used by bio-terrorists. The genetic changes made the H5N1 virus airborne among ferrets, the mammals whose response to flu is most like that of humans, researchers from the Netherlands wrote in the journal Science yesterday. The likelihood of those changes occurring naturally is difficult to estimate but there is 'no fundamental hurdle to that happening,' said Derek Smith, a University of Cambridge researcher who led a second study.

"Scientists have been monitoring for pandemic-inducing changes in H5N1 since the strain was recovered from a farmed goose in China's southern province of Guangdong in 1996. The virus has since spread across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa, devastating poultry flocks and causing sporadic infections in people, among whom it doesn't efficiently transmit. 'We now know that we're living on a fault line,' Smith said on a conference call with reporters."

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"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

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