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Study the Book of Revelation
Notes to Help

Study the Book of Revelation for it is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ ..." (Rev 1:1). It is both a revelation from Jesus and about Jesus. It tells of His central role in the salvation of His people and His vindication of the character of God and in it He tells of the events coming upon this earth in the near future as the process of salvation is brought to completion.

This series of pages will include notes from research and insights shared during a weekly, in-depth study of the book of Revelation. If your desire is to study the book of Revelation and understand its messages, you will find the information linked to here a great help. There is both simple information - think of it as Revelation for Dummies - and pages dealing with topics in considerable depth. In some cases, alternative viewpoints will be presented and I will try to not be too dogmatic on such items as whether the 144,000 of chapter 7 is referring to a literal or figurative number.

No claim is made that the information on these pages is 100% correct. We are all advancing in our understanding of Bible truth. You are urged to study for yourself and to diligently compare scripture with scripture.

Each entry below will become a link when the page is completed (and many related pages will be added) - this may take a year or more. We are just finishing our study of chapter 6 and the earlier pages need to be edited and loaded. Check back to see when there are more pages completed or subscribe to my monthly Prophecy Newsletters to be notified of new pages and prophecy updates.

There will be a page or more for each chapter and additional pages of information related to topics in Revelation. Studies may contain links to other pages with further information.

  1. Revelation 1 - the Revelation of Jesus
  2.     The True Lord's Day
  3.     Jesus' Second Coming
  4.     Seven Stars of Revelation
  5. Revelation 2 - messages to seven churches
  6.     The Church of Ephesus
  7.     The Church of Smyrna
  8.     The Church of Pergamos
  9.     The church of Thyatira
  10. Revelation 3
  11.     The Church of Sardis
  12.     The Church of Philadelphia
  13.     The Church of Laodicea
  14. Revelation 4 - the throne of God
  15.     The 24 Elders
  16.     The Sons of God
  17.     Other Inhabited Worlds
  18.     The Throne of God
  19. Revelation 5 - who is worthy?
  20.     Kinsman Redeemer - how this relates to the sealed book
  21.     Ruth and Boaz- an illustration of the Redeemer
  22.     Jesus Christ the Redeemer
  23.     Kings and Priests
  24. Revelation 6 - seals 1-6
  25. Revelation 7 - who will be able to stand? - the 144,000 will
  26. Revelation 8 - trumpets 1-4
  27. Revelation 9 - trumpets 5-6
  28. Revelation 10 - the little book
  29. Revelation 11 - the two witnesses
  30. Revelation 12 - the woman, war in heaven
  31.     Satan Cast Out of Heaven
  32.     The Blood of the Lamb
  33. Revelation 13 - the mark of the beast, 666
  34.     The Second Beast
  35.     The Image of the Beast
  36.     The Mark of the Beast
  37. Revelation 14 - 3 angels
  38.     First Angels' Message
  39.     Babylon is Fallen
  40.     Fire and Brimstone
  41.     Patience of the Saints
  42.     The Final Harvest
  43.     A God of Fire
  44.     Sin and Punishment
  45. Revelation 15 - 7 plagues prepared
  46.     Song of Moses
  47.     Plagues and Vials
  48. Revelation 16 - plagues poured out
  49. Revelation 17 - the false church
  50. Revelation 18 - the fall of Babylon
  51. Revelation 19 - the marriage of the Lamb
  52.     Revelation 19 10 - the testimony of Jesus
  53. Revelation 20 - the millennium
  54.     The Lake of Fire - a 7-part series with a different understanding
  55.         1. Jesus' Death
  56.         2. Final Judgment
  57.         3. Trial by Fire
  58.         4. Tried In the Fire
  59.         5. Brimstone
  60.         6. Lake of Fire
  61.         7. Consuming Fire
  62. Revelation 21 - the new heaven and new earth
  63. Revelation 22:1-10 - the New Jerusalem
  64.     Revelation 22:11 - the close of probation
  65.     Revelation 22:12-21 - the end of the book

As you study the book of Revelation keep in mind the following promise:

"Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand." (Rev 1:3)

Following is a chart that you might find helpful as you study the book of Revelation:

Revelation's Second Comings
You can also download a larger version of this diagram as a PDF file: Revelation's Second Comings diagram, 207 kb instant download.

You will need Adobe Reader to download the diagram (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

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