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Bible Study Topics

All Eyes on Israel (Dispensationalism) - Introduction
    Chapter 1 - What is Your Name?
        Page 1 - The Meaning of Israel
        Page 2 - Abraham and Sarah
        Page 3 - Abraham and Isaac
        Page 4 - The Meaning of Jacob
        Page 5 - Heel Grabber
        Page 6 - Supplanter
        Page 7 - Deceiver
        Page 8 - Jacob and Esau
        Page 9 - Jacob Wrestles With God
        Page 10 - The Name Israel
    Chapter 2 - Is Modern Israel the Israel of Promise?
        Page 1 - Abraham in the Old Testament
        Page 2 - Was Abraham a Jew?
        Page 3 - The Origin of the Jews
        Page 4 - The 12 Tribes of Israel
        Page 5 - The Babylonian Captivity
        Page 6 - Daniel's Prophecies
        Page 7 - The Plan of God for Israel
        Page 8 - God's Rejection of Israel
        Page 9 - How Pure was the Jewish "Race?"
        Page 10 - Was Jesus a Jew?
        Page 11 - Christian Era Historical Evidence
        Page 12 - Salvation Is of the Jews
        The Covenants of God Illustrated

Atonement, Day of

Birth, Death and Resurrection
    The Second Death
    Resurrection After Death
    Special Resurrection
    The 144000
    The Date of Jesus' Birth

Colossians 2, Part 1
    Colossians 2 Part 2
    Colossians 2 Part 3

Crucifixion on the Wrong Day?
    Nisan 14
    God and Free Will

Date of Jesus' Birth
    When was Jesus Born?

Does God Destroy? Part 1
    Does God Destroy? Part 2
    Does God Destroy? Part 3
    Does God Destroy? Part 4

Forgiveness, Part 1
    Forgiveness Part 2
    Forgiveness Part 3
    Forgiveness Part 4
    Forgiveness Part 5
    Forgiveness Part 6
    Blot Out Sins
Free Downloadable PDF (97 kb):
        Booklet - Biblical Forgiveness: Are There Two Types? (English)
Free Downloadable PDF (87 kb):
        Booklet - Biblical Forgiveness: Are There Two Types? (Luo)
Free Downloadable PDF (246 kb):
        Booklet - Biblical Forgiveness: Are There Two Types? (Telugu)

God is Sovereign

God's Character
    What is God Really Like?
    Bible Questions About God's Character
    Audio Book - Servant God

God's Covenant

God's Law Part 1
    God's Law Part 2
    God's Law Part 3

Jesus' Resurrection
    In the Heart of the Earth - Book Preview
    In the Heart of the Earth - Table of Contents
    In the Heart of the Earth - Book Addenda
    Jesus on the Road to Emmaus
    Word Study of "Heart"
    Word Study of "Earth"
    Luke 24:21 Explained
    Evidence that Jesus was the Messiah
    Idioms, the Meaning of mia ton sabbaton (part 1)
    Idiom Definition and Usage (part 2)
    Is "first day of the week" correctly translated?
    Artos = unleavened bread?
        Part 1 - Passover Bread
        Part 2 - Showbread
        Part 3 - Last Supper
        Part 4 - Unleavened Bread

Lake of Fire and Brimstone Series - Introduction
    Part 1 - Jesus' Death In Our Place
    Part 2 - The Final Judgment and Its Fire
    Part 3 - Trial by Fire for Everyone
    Part 4 - Tried in the Fire
    Part 5 - Brimstone - Not What You Think
    Part 6 - The Lake of Fire Experience
    Part 7 - A Consuming Fire

Michael the Archangel, Who is He?
    What are Angels?
    What are Archangels?
    Jesus and Angels
    Michael the Archangel
    Heavenly Angels
    Tiny Angels Gallery

Millennium and Related Topics
    Special Resurrections of the Bible
    The Last Judgment in Three Phases
    Eternal Fire
    Without Form and Void
    Rapture/Left Behind

Origin of Sin
    What is Sin?

Pentecost, When is it? Part 1 - It's not when you think
    When is Pentecost? Part 2

Prophets Were People Too - sinners like us
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

Prophecy is Conditional
    Israel in Prophecy
    Nations in Bible Prophecy
    Prophecy to Israel
    Failed Prophecy

Sabbath, Does it Start at Sunrise?
    Biblical Day of Rest
    Word Meanings in Genesis 1:1
    The Creation Story and Word Meanings
    The Hebrew Calendar and Word Meanings
    Sabbath Start Time
    Resurrection Morning
    Joseph of Arimathaea
    Sacrificial Offerings
    Deuteronomy 21:23
    Day of Birth and Death
    When to Observe Sabbath

Wednesday Crucifixion Theory - Why it is Wrong

More Studies

Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
Do Not Add to the Word
Egyptian Slavery, Duration
    Israelites in Egypt
He Changes Times and Seasons
Galatians 5:6
Matthew 28:1
Lateran Treaty
    Sanctuary Prayer Model
The Three Wise Men
What Does Tribulation Mean?

Studies by Book

Daniel Studies Index
    Daniel Chapter 1
    Daniel Chapter 2
    Daniel Chapter 8 Vision
    Daniel Chapter 8 Explanation
    The Daily Sacrifice in Daniel

Joel verse-by-verse
    Joel Chapter 1
    Joel Chapter 2
    Chapter 2 continued
    Blow the Trumpet in Zion
    Joel 2 - Latter Rain
    Joel 2:28
    Joel Chapter 3

John verse-by-verse
    John Chapter 1
    John Chapter 2
    John Chapter 3
    John Chapter 4
    John Chapter 5
    John Chapter 6
    John Chapter 7

Revelation Studies Index
Note: the navigation bar link for "Revelation Chapter Studies" is directed here to the site map as there are too many links (over 50) to display in the navigation bar. Some chapters are divided into multiple pages as listed below.

Free Downloadable PDF (154 kb):
        Chart - 7 Accounts of the Second Coming in Revelation
    Revelation 1
        The Lord's Day
        Jesus' Second Coming
        Seven Stars of Revelation 1
    Revelation 2
Free Downloadable PDF (30 kb):
        Chart - Messages to the 7 Churches
    Revelation 3
        Seven Spirits of God
    Revelation 4
        The 24 Elders of Revelation
        The Sons of God
        Other Inhabited Worlds
        The Throne of God
    Revelation 5
        The Kinsman Redeemer
        Ruth and Boaz
        Jesus Christ as Redeemer
        Kings and Priests
    Revelation 6
    Revelation 7
    Revelation 8
    Revelation 9
    Revelation 10
    Revelation 11
    Revelation 12
        Satan Cast Out
        Blood of the Lamb
        Wear out the Saints
        Divine Protection
        Jesus in the Wilderness
    Revelation 13
        Revelation 13 part 2
        Image of the Beast
        Mark of the Beast
    Revelation 14
        First Angels' Message
        Babylon is Fallen
        Fire and Brimstone
        Patience of the Saints
        The Final Harvest
        A God of Fire
        Sin and Punishment
    Revelation 15
        Song of Moses
        Plagues and Vials
    Revelation 16
    Revelation 17
    Revelation 18
    Revelation 19
        Revelation 19 10
    Revelation 20
        The Millennium in Isaiah
    Revelation 21
    Revelation 22:1-10
        Revelation 22:11
        Revelation 22:12-21

Miscellaneous Pages

2012 End of the World
    Nostradamus and a 2012 End of the World
Amazing Grace Video
Bible Code Predictions
Bible Quiz Questions
Free Downloadable PDF (41 kb):
    Bible Quiz - on Jesus' Resurrection
    Bible Quiz Answers
Bible Verses, Famous
Bible Verses, Inspirational
Corpus Christi Movie
God vs Science
Health in the Bible
    Leviticus 11
Signs of the End Time
    The Earthquake Scale
    Earthquake in Italy

On-line Books

Festivals of God
Free Downloadable PDF (691 kb):
        Book - Restoration of God's Festivals

Light on the Dark Side of God
    Chapter 1 - How to Know God
    Chapter 2 - What Does God Look Like?
    Chapter 3 - Jesus in the Grave
    Chapter 4 - Bible Understanding
Sorry, chapters 5 - 13 not uploaded yet.
Free Downloadable PDF (589 kb):
        Book - Light on the Dark Side of God

The Cross was Hell, Introduction
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12

Word Studies - Hebrew

    Guilt and Shame
    What's In a Name?

Prophecy News

    January - Prophecy of the End of the World
    February - When Will the World End?
    March - Food Crisis
    April - Pestilence
    May - 2012 End of the World
    June - Mt. St. Helens
    July - Israel Attack on Iran
    August - Iran Nuclear Bomb?
    September - Islamic Antichrist
    October - Why Earthquakes Occur
    November - Copenhagen Climate Conference
    December - World Food Crisis
    January - Haiti Earthquake
    February - Hezbollah and Israel
    March - Chile Earthquake
    April - Iran's Nuclear Program
    May - Dinosaur History
    June - BP Oil Spill
    July - Israel Iran War
    August - A US Attack on Iran?
    September - Oceanic Dead Zones
    October - Tracking Devices
    November - Is Iran Nuclear?
    December - US Economy in Trouble
    January - Grow Your Own Food
    February - Polar Shift
    March - Japan Earthquake
    April - Global Food Crisis
    May - Chrislam
    June - Iran With a Nuclear Weapon
    July - US Debt Crisis
    August - Food Riots
    September - Iran Missiles and Ships
    October - Israel Attack on Iran
    November - Will Israel Attack Iran?
    December - Recent Earthquakes
    January - US National Debt Graph
    February - Strait of Hormuz
    March - US Iran War
    April - Martial Law
    May - National Debt Crisis
    June - Revelation Trumpets
    July - Remote Control Drone Aircraft
    August - A Nuclear Iran is Getting Close
    September - Iran's Nuclear Program
    October - Oil Fracking Causes Earthquakes
    November - Facial Recognition System
    December - When Will the World End?
    January - End of the World Predictions
    February - Is a US-Iran War Just Months Away?
    March - World War 3 on the Horizon
    April - The US Dollar Crisis
    May - The New World Currency
    June - Economic Collapse Coming
    July - End Times Preparation
    August - Signs of the Last Days
    September - Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon
    October - Fukushima Nuclear Leak
    November - Blood Moon Prophecy
    December - Bubonic Plague
    January - Four Blood Moons
    February - World Food Shortage
    March - Pope Francis in the News
    April - Recent Earthquakes
    May - Temple Mount News
    June - Extreme Body Modification
    July - Ten Plagues on America
    August - Ebola News
    September - Dumbing Down
    October - Is Halloween Pagan?
    November - Islamic State
    December - Predictions for 2015

    January - The Doomsday Clock
    February - End-Times Signs
    March - California Water Shortage
    April - Volcano Eruption in Chile
    May - Jonathan Cahn
    June - End Times Insights
    July - Coming September Events
    August - September 2015 Crisis
    September - Middle East Migrant Crisis
    October - End Time Insights
    November - Syrian Refugees
    December - Factors Affecting Climate Change

    January - The Zika Virus
    February - WW3 Predictions
    March - End Time Insights
    April - End Time News
    May - End Times Signs
    June - Donald Trump on Immigration
    July - Brexit, its Role in Prophecy
    August - End Time Insights - Pokémon
    September - Hillary Clinton Health
    October - Rumors of War
    November - Donald Trump Politics
    December - End Time Insights for 2017

    Quarter 1 - Signs of End Times in 2017
    Quarter 2 - Eliminate israel?
    Quarter 3 - North Korea Latest News
    Quarter 4 - Wars and Rumors of Wars

    Quarter 1 - Iran and Israel in the News
    Quarter 2 - Peace and Safety?
    Quarter 3 - Church and State Separation
    Quarter 4 - The Third Jewish Temple

    Quarter 1 - Mideast Peace Plan?
    Quarter 2 - Deal of the Century?
    Quarter 3 - Revelation 7:1
    Quarter 4 - Signs of End Times

    Quarter 1 - CoVid19
    Quarter 2 - War Coming Soon?
    Quarter 3 - Release of the Four Winds
    Quarter 4 - Will 2021 Be Any Better Than 2020?

    Quarter 1 - Signs of the Last Days
    Quarter 2 - Land Vomits out Inhabitants
    Quarter 3 - The Coming Collapse
    Quarter 4 - Will 2022 be any Better?

    Quarter 1 - End Times Signs are Increasing
    Quarter 2 - Food Shortages are Coming
    Quarter 3 - War Famine Pestilence
    Quarter 4 - War 2023

    Quarter 1 - End Times Signs are Increasing

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