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Addenda to In the Heart of the Earth:
The Secret Code That Reveals What Is In the Heart of God

The Book In the Heart of the Earth: The Secret Code That Reveals What Is In the Heart of God was published in 2009. Since then, further research has lead to a clearer understanding of some of the issues connected to Jesus' resurrection. This page summarizes and gives links to pages that give updated or new information on related topics. Whether the topic supplements a portion of the book or is new material is indicated.

The Timing of Passover
A diagram lays out the order of events as they happened at the original Passover when Israel left Egypt. This will help you to understand when Passover is and its relationship to the Feast of Unleavened Bread. (Supplements book p46-48)

Idioms and the Meaning of "mia ton sabbaton"
Since the words in this phrase do not mean "first day of the week" as they are often translated in connection with the resurrection, it has been argued that it is really an idiomatic expression. An examination of its use in light of Bible idioms shows that this cannot be. See the two-part study Idioms (Not covered in book)

Wednesday Crucifixion Theory Refuted
The Wednesday theory just does not fit with scripture. Here are 20 reasons why the crucifixion could not have been on a Wednesday. Crucifixion of Jesus Christ not on a Wednesday (Supplements book p51-52)

The Timing of Pentecost
To determine the correct date for the Feast of Pentecost there are a few little-known issues that need to be taken into account. One factor especially results in Pentecost having a special relationship with the seventh-day Sabbath. Read the two-part study When is Pentecost (Supplements book p58-60)

The Road to Emmaus
The account of the disciples walking along the road to Emmaus can be understood, when it is read carefully, to have occurred later on the same day as the resurrection. Read about Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. This also dispels the idea that the definition of a Sabbath day's journey was a problem. (Not covered in book)

Luke 21:24
This page gives more detail about the phrase "today is the third day since these things were done." It shows how it fits with the scenario presented on this web site. Luke 24:21 (Not covered in book)

Signs that Jesus was the Messiah
Some people will argue that the Sign of Jonah was a sign that Jesus was the Messiah but this cannot be as that sign is described as "there shall no sign be given to it, but." This means one sign and one sign only. There actually were many signs given in scripture that Jesus was the Messiah. Read more at: Signs Jesus was the Messiah (Supplements book p79-81)

Unleavened Bread at the Last Supper
It has been argued that the bread Jesus used at the last supper as a symbol of His own body was leavened bread based on the fact that the original word was "artos." This study carefully investigates the original words used for "leavened" and "unleavened" and proves very clearly from scripture that "artos" can mean unleavened bread. Read this four-part study at Unleavened Bread (Not covered in book)

Was Jesus' Crucifixion and Death On the Wrong Day?
Scriptural evidence (covered in the section described previous to this) points to the last supper being a Passover celebration. It then would have been in the early hours of Nisan 15. This puts the crucifixion on the afternoon of Nisan 15. It's all explained in the three-part study The Crucifixion Day. (Supplements book p95-97)

As further research is done or new information is found, pages will be added here to help supplement the material published in the book. You can get notification of any new pages added in this section by subscribing to my monthly newsletter.


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