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Use the form below to contact me concerning anything on this site including comments or questions about my recently-published book:

In the Heart of the Earth - The Secret Code
that Reveals What is in the Heart of God

You may also contact me at:

Ray Foucher
PO Box 607
Greenwood, BC V0H 1J0

If you are interested in a particular spiritual topic let me know and I may have some good information on it already that I have just not been able to make into a webpage yet.

I also keep busy building and maintaining another website, which gives some good health and lifestyle information to help people find relief from and avoid chronic pain. God wants us to prosper and be in health (3 John 1:2). This site will help give you the information to achieve that.

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The Greek has multiple words for forgiveness? God forgives (charizomai) whether we ask or not. Receiving forgiveness (apheimi) is by our choice.
God always forgives!

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