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In the Heart of the Earth:
The Secret Code that Reveals What is in the Heart of God

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1 - The Context and the Method

The Setting, Jonah's First Letter
The Method

Chapter 2 - Three Days and Three Nights

Jonah and the Whale
Inclusive Reckoning
But Jesus Said ...
Is "a Day and a Night" Equivalent to "a Day"?
In the Heart of the Earth
Jesus and Jonah Compared
Where Was Jesus for the Three Days and Three Nights?
A Word Study of "Heart"
A Word Study of "Earth"
An Important Clue
The Start of the Three Days and Three Nights
The End of the Three Days and Three Nights
The Time Period is Not the Most Important Aspect of the Sign

Chapter 3 - His Resurrection on the Lord's Day

Question 1: When Does the Bible Say the Resurrection Occurred?
Question 2: How Did "Thine Holy One" Not "See Corruption"?
Question 3: How Was the Passover Lamb Not to be Left Until Morning?
The Bible Says "Sabbaton"
Common Usage of "Sabbaton"
Resurrection Texts
Verses Concerning Spiritual Meetings
A Word Study of "First Day of the Week"
Word Genders
A Verse Concerning Fasting
Sabbaton Means Sabbath

Chapter 4 - The Timing of the Spring Feasts

Factors in the Timing of Passover Observance
References to the Preparation Day
The Wednesday Crucifixion Theory
The Feast of Unleavened Bread
A Word Study on "Sabbath" in the Old Testament
The Feast of First Fruits
A Word Study of "After"
The Passover as Israel Left Egypt

Chapter 5 - The Chronology of Events of Jesus' Last Week

The Lamb Kept in the Home
Summary of Events During the Days of Examination
Timing of the Supper at Simon's House
Timing of the Crucifixion and Death
Events From Jesus' Death to Resurrection
How Long Did All These Events Take?
The Sabbath Starts; the Resurrection
The Guard Requested
Why Did the Women Come to the Tomb?
When Did the Women Come to the Tomb?
More Questions

Chapter 6 - The Thoughts of Many Hearts Revealed

The Sign They Wanted
The Sign Jesus Offered
The Heart of Man
The Heart of the Earth in Jesus' Parables - The Second Letter
"That the Thoughts of Many Hearts May be Revealed"
"Out of the Abundance of the Heart" - Case Studies
What About You? What is in Your Heart?

Chapter 7 - The Heart of the Matter

Did Jesus Die On the Wrong Day?
Why Would God Allow This?
The Character of God Further Revealed
Jesus' Words While on the Cross
The Father Suffered Too
Liar, Lunatic or Lord?
Liar, Lunatic or Like Him?
Satan is the Destroyer
What is God's Role in Destruction?
God Does Not Use Force
The Heart of the Matter


1. Variations in Use of the Word "Even" as in Evening
2. Cases of "Kardia" Translated "Heart" as Understood in this Study
3. Some Thoughts About Inspiration
         How Could God Allow Translations of His Word to Contain any Errors?
         Does this Make the Bible Unreliable?
4. Possible Counts of Days from the Feast First of Fruits to Pentecost
5. "The Graves of the Saints Were Opened"
6. Jesus' Anointing
7. "He Saw and Believed"
         Burial Customs
         The Shroud of Turin
         What Did Peter and John See?
8. Didn't Jesus Rest in the Tomb on Sabbath?
9. There Goes Sunday Sacredness
         He Rose on His Day
         How Should We Celebrate the Resurrection?
10. "Destroy this Temple"
11. Abraham and Isaac and Three Days
12. Reference Table of Original Words Investigated


Scripture Index

Summary of Findings and Conclusions


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