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Jonathan Cahn - The Harbinger


Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew, wrote The Harbinger a book that seems to convincingly show that a warning has been given to America of judgment to come. And America needs such warnings; there is so much wrong with that society. Wikipedia describes the book:

"The Harbinger is a 2012 best-selling Christian novel by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jew. It suggests that the 9/11 terrorism attack was a divine warning to the United States. Cahn ties the 9/11 attacks to Isaiah 9:10, which reads: "The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars" (King James Version).

Wikipedia adds this: "The author says that The Harbinger is a fictional story ..."

We should be very careful about taking what is popular (a novel? a fictional story?) and making too much of its message or becoming too much of a follower of Jonathan Cahn or any popular author. The book likely contains some truth and a much-needed warning but we really need to go to the word of God itself and directly for our source of truth. Just be careful. The first article below suggests some cautions regarding Jonathan Cahn and his popular teachings.

This newsletter also includes important developments in the religious world and other reports of environmental issues that point towards the end of this old world.

Note that I am simply sharing items of interest. That does not imply that I agree with everything presented.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes ..." (Matt 24:6-7)

Prophecy News - May 2015

Jonathan Cahn

What's Wrong with The Harbinger's "Ancient Mystery"?

The Harbinger

The following promotional ad for The Harbinger is an interesting summary of the book:

"Is it possible ...
  1. That there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America's future?
  2. That this mystery lies behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy?
  3. That ancient harbingers of judgment are now manifesting in America?
  4. That God is sending America a prophetic message of what is yet to come?

"Before its destruction as a nation, ancient Israel received nine harbingers, prophetic omens of warning. The same nine harbingers are now manifesting in America.... 'Hidden in an ancient biblical prophecy from Isaiah, the mysteries revealed in The Harbinger are so precise that they foretold recent American events down to the exact days. ... IT'S REAL."

But it's not true! Rabbi Cahn's reliance on mysterious signs, symbols and prophetic messages should be a warning to us. They illustrate his subtle blend of truth and mysticism -- and make the latter seem more significant than God's Word. As he told Glenn Beck in June, "The Harbinger is a two and a half thousand year mystery that lies behind everything.

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One World Religion: Former Israeli President Proposes Pope to Head 'UN for Religions'

The Daily Sheeple / / May 4th, 2015


"Can you imagine any way to bring a tumultuous world under a one world religion?

"This is a good head start.

"A few months back, former president Shimon Peres met with the Pope at the Vatican and proposed that the Pope head up a UN for religions.

"Via The Jerusalem Post:

"The main topic of conversation was Peres's idea to create a UN-like organization he called 'the United Religions.'

"Peres said the Argentina-born pontiff was the only world figure respected enough to bring an end to the wars raging in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

"'The pope listened, showing his interest, attention, and encouragement,' Lombardi said, adding that the pope pointed to the Pontifical Councils for Interreligious Dialogue and for Justice and Peace as existing agencies 'suitable' for supporting interfaith peace initiatives.

"If any pope was going to head up a one world religion, this one sure seems to tow every line.

"Wasn't there a bit in Revelations about a one world religion as a signal of the end times?"

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Ray's note: On the following report, follow the link and go down to and watch the first two videos (both 17-18 min). They are labelled:

- Vatican Plans to Fake a Millennial Reign in Jerusalem
- Is the Vatican Harboring a Huge Hidden Plan to Build the Third Jewish Temple?
The text below is from below the second video on the page. Interesting things are going on behind the scenes.

You'll Be Floored By What the Vatican's Planning! This May Be Our "Final Warning!" And Proof We are The Last Generation!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"For many years, the Vatican has been investing large sums in purchasing assets in Jerusalem, with the purpose of blurring the city's Jewish character," Yoni Chetboun of the Jewish Home

If that's not shocking enough how about this. Back in December 2013, there were negotiations going on between John Kerry and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about giving Jerusalem Holy Sites to the Vatican. Here is the report from

"TEL AVIV - Secretary of State John Kerry quietly presented a U.S. plan for eastern Jerusalem that calls for an international administrative mandate to control holy sites in the area, according to informed Palestinian and Israeli diplomatic sources.

"The exact composition of the international mandate is up for discussion, the sources said, but Kerry's plan recommended a coalition that includes the Vatican, together with a group of Muslim countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia."

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Sunday as a Mark of Christian Unity

by Rev. Dr. Demetrios E. Tonias - Dean, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of New England


The Christian Church, from its very beginning, has struggled with the concept of unity. Indeed, within the Pauline corpus we see the many ways in which the Apostle to the Gentiles struggled to keep together his young and fragile network of communities. As the church grew, there arose a variety of challenges, large and small, to threaten its unity. The Orthodox Christian Divine Liturgy bears witness to these challenges in the petitions and prayers, which are offered in the Eucharistic rite. We pray for "the unity of all," "the unity of the faith," for Christ to "reunite those separated" and to "unite us all to one another who become partakers of the one Bread and the Cup in the communion of the one Holy Spirit." We recite the Nicene Creed with its portentous closing phrases stating belief in "One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church," its sacred claim to "confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins", and its exultation of Sunday as the Lord's Day and the gift of resurrection with the statement "I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the ages to come."

The Divine Liturgy is, most certainly, a fitting place to offer such prayers and confessions of faith, for the preeminent celebration of the Liturgy takes place on Sunday. From the moment the myrrh bearers found Christ's empty tomb, Sunday was known as Greek text.

Ray's note: There is a problem with the concept of Sunday sacredness. The Bible, rightly understood teaches a sabbath resurrection which totally undermines the basis for the claim of Sunday Sacredness. This is not obvious with just a surface reading but careful investigation, allowing the Bible to define its own terms, exposes a deep-laid plot to exalt Sunday and thus change the law of God. See my study In the Heart of the Earth: The Secret Code That Reveals What Is In the Heart of God

What Will Happen to You When the Dollar Collapses?

By: Jeff Thomas / Doug Casey's INTERNATIONAL / April 23, 2015

Dollar collapse

"Historically, when a nation's debt exceeds its ability to repay even the interest, it can be assumed that the currency will collapse. Typically, governments exacerbate the situation by printing large amounts of currency notes in an effort to inflate the problem away, or at least postpone it.

"The greater the level of debt, the more dramatic the inflation must be to counter it. The more dramatic the inflation, the greater the danger that hyperinflation will take place. No government has ever been able to control hyperinflation. If it occurs, it does so quickly and always ends with a crash.

"When currencies crash, the state often tries to float a new currency. Sometimes, it's accepted, sometimes not.

"Although there are observers (myself included) who frequently discuss what a reserve-currency crash would mean to the world, there is little or no discussion as to how this would impact people on the street level, and perhaps that discussion should begin.

"I have discussed for some time that the US will be prepared ahead of time with a new, electronic currency.

"If the US does institute such a system, US citizens will then become the most economically controlled people in the world, overnight."

Denmark is set to become the first country in the world to make cash payments obsolete May 8, 2015

Denmark cashless

Denmark is set to become the first country in the world to make cash payments obsolete

DENMARK is on track to become the world's first cashless nation, with its government pushing to free some stores, restaurants and petrol stations from accepting cash payments.

The proposal to scrap cash transactions is part of a package of cost-saving measures being introduced ahead of the Danish election in September, the Independent reports.

It is understood the government is hoping to get rid of the option to pay by cash by as early as 2016.

Nearly a third of all Danish citizen prefer to use Danske Bank's official app, MobilePay, to pay for services and transactions, and it is expected that the proposal will be met with little opposition.

Financial institution lobbyist Finansraadet said that going cashless would save retailers money on security, in addition to time when counting money at closing of business day.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) also supported the move, saying it was time shops were given the option of going cash-free.

"Society has changed so much that there is no longer a need for requirements on cash payments," spokesman Henrik Hytolft told broadcaster DR.

"Plus, cash has become tremendously expensive to handle due to security reasons."

However, there are fears that with electronic transactions, the risk of fraud will also rise. Opponents have cited the case of Sweden — a country with the highest number of bank transactions per person in the European Union — where fraud has doubled in the past 10 years.

Last year, Juniper Research forecast that smartphone payments would hit 9.9 billion by 2018, with one in five phones acting as digital wallets.


Other digital pay options such as Google Wallet, Apple's Passbook and England's Paym are starting to become more commonplace, with experts predicting that Nordic nations could become cashless by 2030.

Earth Is On the Edge of a 'Sixth Extinction'

By: Erin Brodwin / Business / April 27, 2015


"Close to half of all living species on the Earth could disappear by the end of this century, and humans will be the cause.

"This is the Sixth Mass Extinction -- a loss of life that could rival the die-out that caused the dinosaurs to disappear 65 millions years ago after an asteroid hit the planet.

"This time, though, we're the asteroid.

"In 'The Sixth Extinction,' Kolbert traces our understanding of extinction from the first time it was proposed as a theory in the 1740s until now, with scientists mostly agreeing that humans may be causing it."

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Unprecedented Mass Die Offs as Pacific Ocean "Turning Into a Desert" Off California Coast

Mac Slavo May 21st, 2015

Mass animal die offs

The ocean is dying, by all accounts – and if so, the food supply along with it. The causes are numerous, and overlapping. And massive numbers of wild animal populations are dying as a result of it.

Natural causes in the environment are partly to blame; so too are the corporations of man; the effects of Fukushima, unleashing untold levels of radiation into the ocean and onto Pacific shores; the cumulative effect of modern chemicals and agricultural waste tainting the water and disrupting reproduction.

A startling new report says in no uncertain terms that the Pacific Ocean off the California coast is turning into a desert. Once full of life, it is now becoming barren, and marine mammals, seabirds and fish are starving as a result. According to Ocean Health:

The waters of the Pacific off the coast of California are a clear, shimmering blue today, so transparent it's possible to see the sandy bottom below [...] clear water is a sign that the ocean is turning into a desert, and the chain reaction that causes that bitter clarity is perhaps most obvious on the beaches of the Golden State, where thousands of emaciated sea lion pups are stranded.

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Earth 'Is Becoming Increasingly Unstable and The 'Ring Of Fire Is Shaking Violently

Monday, May 18, 2015

The screen shot below shows all of the 2.5+ and above earthquakes that occurred between May 9, 2015 to May 15, 2015, surrounding the "Ring of Fire," which is where about 90%of the world's earthquakes and 81% of the world's largest earthquakes occur, according to Wiki.

Ring of fire

Not only is there tremendous earthquake activity shaking the earth in these locations, but according to The Economic Collapse Blog, using information obtained from Volcano Discovery, 40 volcanoes around the globe are erupting right now, and 34 of them are along the Ring of Fire. To give context to what this means, they explain "there were a total of 3,542 volcanic eruptions during the entire 20th century. When you divide that number by 100, that gives you an average of about 35 volcanic eruptions per year. So the number of volcanoes that are erupting right now is well above the 20th century's average for an entire calendar year."

This escalation of activity, specifically surrounding the Ring of Fire, which has 452 volcanoes and is home to over 75% of the world's active and dormant volcanoes spanning 25,000 miles in a horseshoe shape, leads Michael Snyder from the Economic Collapse Blog to state "the Ring of Fire is shaking violently," and Earth "is becoming increasingly unstable."

Snyder points out "the things that we have been seeing lately are part of a much larger long-term trend," and asserts "most Americans are never going to care about any of this until it starts affecting them personally," before saying "perhaps they should start paying attention to the warning signs."

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Military Could Step in Over Brazil Drought Chaos

An engineer for Sao Paulo state's water company said that "scenes from the end of the world" would ensue if the city ran out of water.
6 May 2015

Brazil drought

The drought in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo has become so severe that local authorities are considering bringing in military personnel to cope with the possible social chaos.

With over 11 million residents, Sao Paulo is Brazil's most populous city and the country's economic center. But senior officials at Sao Paulo's water facility said residents might soon be evacuated because there is not enough water, to bathe or to clean homes.

The water crisis is the worst is the last 84 years, and the dry season has only just begun, with less water in the dams than in 2014, when restrictions on water began and the authorities began to realize the seriousness of the disaster.

Last week, a conference between academics, military employees and local councils to discuss how to handle the coming five months in the case that reserves run out, and the city might go up to five days without water.

Paulo Massato, engineer at the state water company, told the conference that water supplies could run out as early as July, if emergency works are not finished in time.

Engineers are working to create infrastructure to connect various reservoirs, which, if completed, would mean that there would be enough water to last until October.

On being asked what would happen in the worst case scenario, with no rain and incomplete works, Massato replied, "It would be terrible. No would be no food, no would be no electricity ... It would be a scene from the end of the world. ...

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Ray's note: I could have included more drought stories. There are serious water shortages in many parts of the world. I just heard that Vancouver Island (off Canada's west coast) where I grew up is the driest it has ever been and we are not even at summer yet. And nearby Washington state has already declared an emergency state of affairs due to the lack of water and 11 stations recorded no snow for the first time ever! There are headlines and links below to just three more articles.

'Drought-hit Southern Africa at risk of food shortage'

Drought tightens grip on Queensland as record 80% of state succumbs

Drying Amazon Could Be Major Carbon Concern

Hell and Mr. Fudge Here is something I would encourage you to take a look at. If you are near a Wal-Mart store pick one up:

Hell and Mr. Fudge

I would greatly encourage you to watch the following 15-minute video of some of the signs of the last days that happened around the world within the last month.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)


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