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The Cross Was Hell
A View into Our Heavenly Father's Heart

The War Between Good & Evil

The Relation Between Suffering & Freedom

The Essence of Sin & Hell Fire

A Guide to Christian Unity &

Bible Interpretation, All From

The Point of View of the Cross

In honor of the One who is holy,
harmless, and undefiled.

Table of Contents
(With links to all individual sections)


Chapter 1 War in Heaven

Bathsheba   Nathan's Parable   The Rape of Tamar   Absalom's Revenge on Amnon   Reconciliation   Absalom Returns to the Court   Lucifer's Jealousy   Lucifer Schemes   Rebellion Spreads   Freedom and Equal Access   Abuse of Freedom   Absalom Undermines His Father   Lucifer Looks for Weakness in God's Government   Lucifer's Catch-22   Love is God's Power   The Testimony of Demons    A War of Words   Jesus' Death Wins the War in Heaven   God's Sovereignty and Human Freedom  

Chapter 2 Gethsemane

The Last Supper   Jesus and the Father are One   Grief in the Garden   The Cup of Sin and Guilt   Jesus Decides to Drink Our Cup of Woe   The Cup and the Second Death   The Sons of Korah Foretell Gethsemane   Sweating Blood

Chapter 3 The Cross Was Hell

Providence and an "Empty" Prayer Meeting    The Passion of the Christ     A Multitude of Denominations    One Foundation    The First Death and Sleep    The Second Death    The Contrast between the First and Second Death    Triumph and Sorrow    Jesus' Unselfish Sorrow    A Mother's Love    Victory Behind Enemy Lines    The Sign of Jonah    Darkness and Separation    Infinite Suffering Reveals Infinite Love    The Consequences of Sin    Love, Freedom, Risk, Suffering, and the Soul's Worth    God's Wisdom Beyond Selfish Reasoning Sowing and Reaping    Righteous Indignation and Guilt    God Feels Our Pain    Jesus Earned the Right to Save   

Chapter 4 Hell Fire and The Cross

Digging for Truth    Jesus' Death Reveals Sinners' Fate    Hell in the Light of the Cross    The Law of Life, The Law of Death    Sin is Self-Destructive    No Man Shall Spare His Brother    Satan is Abaddon the Destroyer    Casting Out Satan    Babylon, the Cross, and Unity   

Chapter 5 Our Suffering Father

Now is the Time    The Truth Shall Set You Free    The Power of Foolish Love    Our Sins Pierce God's Heart    God Mourns for Moab Human Suffering and the Cross   

Chapter 6 The Cross and Beauty

Master or Husband?    Jesus is More than a Name    God's Justice    Force Cannot Change the Human Heart    Bible Interpretation In the Light of the Cross    Love Versus Force, Lies vs. Truth    Love that Would Die for an Enemy    The Power of Love   

Chapter 7 God's Law of Love

The Laws of Physics and the Law of God    Jesus, the Law Unfolded    The U.S. Constitution and God's Law    The Ten Commandments Written in our Hearts    They Shall not Hurt or Destroy    The Ten Commandments of Love are Unchangeable    A Two Part Harmony    Jesus Lived the Law. He Didn't Condemn.    An Enemy of the Law    The Law is Life. Sin Brings Death.    The Law and the Gospel    The Sabbath Rest in Christ   

Chapter 8 The Bride and The Groom

Jesus and his Bride    You Cannot Buy Love    Neither Hope of Reward Nor Fear of Punishment

Chapter 9 Job and Fire, Pigs and Lies

Why Does God Allow Suffering?    The Fire of God?    Who is Right about God?    The Tabernacles of Robbers Prosper    Love vs. Demons    Fire from Heaven?    I Will Hide My Face    Wheat, Grapes, Wrath, and Fire    Preview to Armageddon    God Will Grieve Alone   

History Repeats    God's Battle Plan    Admah and Zeboiim    God's Ways and Ideas    Sin Burns Itself Out    The Cross Guarantees Peace    The Deep Things of God    God Loved the Egyptians    God's Wrath and Abortion   

Chapter 10 Faith

Sin Separates, Faith Unites    The Faith of Jesus    Faith, Feelings, and Reason    What Is Faith?    Faith and Love    Faith vs. Presumption    Jesus vs. Baal    Faith and Works    A Measure of Faith   

Chapter 11 Sin

Breaking the Law    Falling Short of God's Glory    Iniquity    Unbelief    Doubt    Appetite    Presumption    Greed and idols    The Way Up Is Down    Road Rage and the Cross    Freedom to Sin vs. Freedom from Sin    The Wicked Fall Into Their Own Pit   

Chapter 12 The Old Versus The New

Principle No. 1    Principle No. 2    Principle No. 3    Principle No. 4    Time and Light   



As humans we take it for granted that fear of punishment is the only foundation which can maintain social order. But fear, greed, and the desire for power cannot heal the human heart. Many forms of government have been established in order to  usher in a Utopia. All have failed in this endeavor. That is because the human heart is self-centered by nature. Only love has the power to change our hearts. Love awakens love. That is why it is so important to understand God's love as displayed by Jesus on the cross of Calvary.

The powers of darkness have tried to obscure God's love from our sight, with great success. Hundreds of religions attempt to explain the spiritual dimension. All seem to stumble in explaining the immensity of human suffering. In a world where might makes right, human suffering steadily increases. War, genocide, ethnic cleansing, famine, and disease, charge throughout the Earth, propelled by the spiritual darkness that results from a misconception of our heavenly Father.

Indeed, if God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow such vast and intense suffering? This issue has led many to reject God altogether. Only Christianity can satisfactorily answer this question. And then only if it properly explains the sovereignty of God in the light of his all-powerful love and the crucially important concept of human freedom. As you might expect, resolution of God's goodness and the existence of human suffering can only come from a deeper understanding of Jesus' infinite suffering and sacrifice.

Surprisingly, the cross of Calvary also points the  way to unifying the thousands of various Christian denominations. I also believe that Jesus' love can draw followers of all religions into his fold. "Holy Spirit, help us as we examine these issues in the light of the deeper beauty, the glory of Jesus' life and death."


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