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Knowledge of God

A knowledge of God, I believe, is essential even to our well being and present happiness in this life. Consider these questions (which many people have):

  1. Why would a loving God burn humans eternally for the sins of one short lifetime?
  2. How did the gentle Jesus perfectly reflect the "fire-breathing" Old Testament God who, according to Scripture, He came to reveal?
  3. How can a "killing" God tell humans "Thou shalt not kill" and yet to pattern their character after His own?
  4. Why didn't God destroy human rebellion early-on, before it became full blown?
  5. Do humans really have free will, with God planning to execute those whose choices He does not like?
  6. How does "the wrath of God" apply to our generation?
Follow the trail of Biblical clues in Light on the Dark Side of God to an amazing and wonderful new picture of God.

The text above is from the back cover of the book Light on the Dark Side of God written by Marilyn Campbell. I have benefited greatly from reading it and I have even given away many copies of it and sent them around the world. The concepts in this book have helped me to understand God in a new way and see His character in a much better light than I had previously. I find that the better He looks (from solid Biblical evidence) in my mind, the more I love Him and want to serve Him.

The book is now out of print having been replaced by a revised version - Light Through Darkness. Marilyn has given me permission to reproduce Light on the Dark Side of God on my website so it could be accessed easily by more people. Read it on-line at the pages listed below or download a PDF-file of the book here.

Following are the chapter headings with links to each. Note that chapter 3 which was an appendix in the book is included as a chapter in the on-line version.

Chapter Title
1 Our Misunderstood God
2 God's Perfect Portrait
3 Where Did Jesus Go When He Died?
4 How The Bible Explains Itself
5 Earth's Invisible Combat - coming
6 The Job Syndrome - coming
7 Some Fatal Examples - coming
8 Who Torched Sodom And Gomorrah? - coming
9 Those 'Holy' Hebrew Wars - coming
10 What Really Caused Noah's Flood? - coming
11 The Case Of Korah - coming
12 What Is The End-Time Wrath Of God? - coming
13 Hellfire Reconsidered - coming
14 Life Only In Christ - coming
Appendix A - A Biblical Sampler - coming
Appendix B - Conditionalism - coming

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The Greek has multiple words for forgiveness? God forgives (charizomai) whether we ask or not. Receiving forgiveness (apheimi) is by our choice.
God always forgives!


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