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Israel Attack on Iran -

Could It Lead to a Larger-Scale War?


What could happen if Israel was to attack Iran? There are some scary warnings from Russia and China as to what their response might be. Read about this and more in this month's newsletter.

Please remember, I am just sharing items that seem to relate to prophecy. I do not necessarily endorse or even agree with what others have written. As a student of prophecy and an observer of what is happening in the world, I am simply offering a monthly newsletter featuring items that may have relevance. The material is just for your information to interpret as you see fit.

Prophecy News - 2009 July
Israel attack on Iran - Could it lead to a Larger-Scale War?

China Russia flag

Russia-China Warn That Israeli Attack On Iran Means "World War"
By: Sorcha Faal / / July 18, 2009

"A chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Medvedev and Chinese President Hu have issued an 'urgent warning' to the United States that says if the Americans allow an Israeli nuclear attack upon Iran, 'World War will be our response.'

"Fueling Russian and Chinese fears are intelligence reports stating that Israel has moved over three-quarters of its Naval Forces through the Suez Canal and has assembled over 30 of its US-built fighter jets in Kurdistan for a planned attack using American made 'bunker busting' bombs and nuclear armed cruise missiles.

"Russian Military Analysts state in these reports that Israel first plans to use its US-built fighter jets to target Iran's nuclear facilities, and upon a combined Iranian and Lebanonese Hezbollah 'response', that is [sic] said will 'rain missiles down upon Israel', Israeli submarines and surface vessels with [sic] unleash nuclear armed cruise missiles against Iran's military, religious and political infrastructure.

"President Bush had become so alarmed over Israel's plan to attack Iran that in an unprecedented move, just prior to leaving office, he refused the Israelis 'secret request' for 1,000 of the American bunker busting bombs they wanted, but, Israel had obtained 100 of these dreaded weapons in a 2005 deal with the Pentagon.

"Upon Obama assuming the US Presidency, Israel's Prime Minister gave the American leader a stark warning that 'Either you take care of Iran -- quickly -- or I will', a challenge that Obama, while in Russia last week, slapped down by warning that the United States is 'absolutely not' giving Israel a green light to attack Iran, a curious statement, however, when viewed in the light of the American Vice President Biden stating just days before that 'Israel is free to do whatever it deems necessary to remove the Iranian nuclear threat.'

"China further states in this warning that upon an Israeli attack upon Iran they will 'immediately cease' to purchase any more US debt, and with the American deficit hitting $1 Trillion for the first time in their history, and with it expecting to exceed $2 Trillion by the end of the fiscal year on September 30th, a particularly grave threat being that China's $2 Trillion in reserves are the only thing keeping the US economy afloat."

bank closures

Economist: FDIC Gearing Up For Bank Closures
By: Janet Leiser / Washington Business Journal / July 8, 2009

"The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is gearing up to handle a large number of bank failures expected as a result of bad mortgages, both in residential and commercial real estate, an economist said Tuesday.

"'They know they're going to take down a large number of banks and they can't do it until they're staffed up,' said Mark Dotzour, chief economist and director of research for the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.

"Dotzour expects federal regulators to establish an agency, similar to the Resolution Trust Corp. that disposed of assets belonging to insolvent S&Ls in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

"'Once they start to sell [foreclosed real estate], we'll find out what the market really is,' Dotzour told attendees at an economic summit hosted by a handful of real estate groups in Tampa, Fla.

"Dotzour blamed federal intervention for the lack of commercial real estate investment activity in recent months, as well as the failure of businesses to make major decisions.

"'Nobody knows what to do so they're doing nothing,' Dotzour said at the luncheon meeting at the Intercontinental Tampa.

"Government, in its quest to help the economy, is causing harm by propping up failing companies and regularly changing rules, he said.

"'No one can predict what the government will do,' Dotzour said."

Many Predict US Financial Collapse in September
Henry / July 18, 2009

jobless men

"Let us contemplate the day in the near future when the consequences of financial chicanery finally outpace the ability of the governments, central banks and big media to cover up and obfuscate the truth. Many respected voices have now gone on record that September 30 or thereabouts will be that day.

"Bob Chapman ( revealed that the US State Dept has advised embassies worldwide to stock up on a year's worth of the local currency in anticipation of collapse of the US dollar.

"Look for a temporary banking shutdown timed for around September 2009. As under Roosevelt, some banks won't reopen.

"Harry Shultz (as quoted in says, 'Some embassies are being sent enormous amounts of U.S. cash to purchase currencies from those governments, quietly. But not pound sterling. Inside the State Dept., there is a sense of sadness and foreboding that "something" is about to happen . . . within 180 days, but could be 120-150 days.'

"Benjamin Fulford ( states that for almost a century the US Treasury Dept has been issuing specialized debt instruments to countries with which the US has had a trade surplus. Fulford writes, 'The problem is that after nearly a century of issuing these debt instruments, the chickens are coming home to roost. President Obama tried at the recent G8 plus 5 meeting in Italy to borrow more money than George Bush junior did in 8 years. He was told a resounding no. The result should be total economic chaos in the U.S. by September 30th.'

"Jim Willie ( writes of an Asian led initiative ending dollar hegemony beginning this weekend. Willie suspects that the Fed/Treasury is covertly loaning foreign central banks the money with which the central banks are now using to buy US debt. Increasingly, US debt is being bought by foreign central banks taking up the slack of investors abandoning US Treasury debt. Willie confirms Chapman's comments and says he solicited and received 'multiple confirmations.' He adds, 'CHAOS WILL PREVAIL WITHIN SEVERAL MONTHS, PERHAPS A YEAR AT MOST {his emphasis}.'


"Seemingly the Federal Reserve/US Treasury have exhausted their bag of tricks.

"Unable to produce any more financial wizardry, the cynical federal government is arrayed in full battle dress uniform: 1] Mass forced swine flu vaccinations scheduled this fall performed under the specter of martial law; 2] Rumblings of extending the wars in Asia into Iran and Pakistan; 3] Rekindling the Korean conflict may also be in the cards. Of course, don't forget that both Iran and North Korea are client states of the British World Order. All the recent saber rattling involving Iran and North Korea is wholly orchestrated. We need the distractions from the economic crisis, so our clients Ahmadinejad and Kim provide us with the necessary theater. So what will come first, further banner headlines of dollar collapse and market crashes or the distracting theater of more war or 911 type events?

"What will this fall really bring? It is not too far away so we shall soon know. Unfortunately, it may make last fall look pretty tame. When the government answers economic distress by preparing for the worst, then the worst may very well be what happens."

Paulson Reveals US Concerns of Breakdown in Law and Order
By: Stephen Foley / / July 17, 2009


"The Bush administration and Congress discussed the possibility of a breakdown in law and order and the logistics of feeding US citizens if commerce and banking collapsed as a result of last autumn's financial panic, it was disclosed yesterday.

"Making his first appearance on Capitol Hill since leaving office, the former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson said it was important at the time not to reveal the extent of officials' concerns, for fear it would 'terrify the American people and lead to an even bigger problem.'

"Paul Kanjorski, a Pennsylvania Democrat, asked Mr. Paulson to reveal details of officials' concerns, which were relayed to Congress in hasty conference calls last year. The calls included discussion of law and order and whether it would be possible to feed the American people, and for how long, according to Mr. Kanjorski."

Most Powerful Person On Earth Issues Grave Warning On Swine Flu
By: Sorcha Faal / What Does It / July 17, 2009

WHO swine flu warning

"The current head of the World Health Organization (WHO), and Chinese Communist Party Member, Margaret Chan [top photo left], who due to a UN rule change in 2005 makes her the most powerful public health official in history, has issued a grave warning that the Swine Flu Virus is now the largest Pandemic ever recorded and will sweep our Earth in multiple waves of death and chaos.

"More ominously, however, Chan's World Health Organization, who are urging the vaccinations of 'healthy young adults of 15 to 49 years of age; healthy children; healthy adults of 50 to 64 years of age; and healthy adults of 65 years of age and above' is warning that these vaccines 'have not yet been extensively evaluated for their safety in certain population groups.'

"Even worse, the WHO is now pushing for the 'use of vaccines such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines,' of which it has been previously warned about adjuvant use in influenza vaccines..."

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