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California Water Shortage


The California water shortage is getting to be very serious and will begin to affect not just Californians but people in many areas who currently import produce from California. Meanwhile, there is plenty of rain in other areas of the continent and plenty of cold too. It seems that society has many problems on its hands. The California water shortage and other natural problems are hard enough to deal with. But, on top of that, one has to question whether the powers that be even have the best interests of the populace in mind.

I encourage you to watch the message from Paul Hellyer at the end of this newsletter. It may seem like some strange conspiracy stuff and, of course, I can't guarantee or verify everything he says. I include it because this man should have some credibility. He was a Canadian minister of defense; he even, at times, has been acting Prime Minister of Canada. In light of his message and so many other voices pointing out the problems that we face and that are coming, I would urge everyone to get serious about preparation.

There are many physical ways to prepare but it is also critically important to look at your relationship to God. Are you trusting Him, obeying Him, acknowledging Him in all things? The following has become more of a favorite verse for me recently:

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3:6)

Note that I am simply sharing items of interest. That does not imply that I agree with everything presented. It is just to help you see the trends in the world and how they are fulfilling the signs of the end.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes ..." (Matt 24:6-7)

Prophecy News - March 2015

California Water Shortage

California has about one year of water stored. Will you ration now?

March 12, 2015

California Drought

Given the historic low temperatures and snowfalls that pummeled the eastern U.S. this winter, it might be easy to overlook how devastating California's winter was as well.

As our "wet" season draws to a close, it is clear that the paltry rain and snowfall have done almost nothing to alleviate epic drought conditions. January was the driest in California since record-keeping began in 1895. Groundwater and snowpack levels are at all-time lows. We're not just up a creek without a paddle in California, we're losing the creek too.

Data from NASA satellites show that the total amount of water stored in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins - that is, all of the snow, river and reservoir water, water in soils and groundwater combined - was 34 million acre-feet below normal in 2014. That loss is nearly 1.5 times the capacity of Lake Mead, America's largest reservoir.

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America to lose one-third of its fresh produce when California runs out of water

Mike Adams, March 16, 2015

California Produce

As Michael Snyder points out in a timely article at The Economic Collapse Blog, California is rapidly reverting back to the desert it was once.

Awareness of this is only now beginning to spread, but almost no one truly grasps the implications of what losing California's Central Valley agricultural output means to grocery shoppers.

Almost no one realizes, for example, that one-third of all the produce grown in the United States comes out of California's Central Valley. As the NYT explains:

Unlike the Midwest, which concentrates (devastatingly) on corn and soybeans, more than 230 crops are grown in the valley... melons, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, chard, collards, prickly pears, almonds, pistachios, grapes and more tomatoes than anyone could conceive of in one place. (The valley is the largest supplier of canned tomatoes in the world too.)

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Ray's note: I live in Canada where, in the winter, we get a lot of our produce from the U.S and much of that is grown in California. As the California water shortage worsens and production decreases, say 30% further, will distribution of that produce be reduced by 30% to all of the areas it is now sent to or is it more likely that the U.S. will keep all of it for American consumption (it is theirs, after all) and not export any? So it is not unreasonable to project that, at some point, the imports of American produce to Canada could drop from its present level to near zero. Perhaps we Canadians should be thinking about that.

With the California water shortage as bad as it is, many farmers may be reluctant to plant this season if their water supply for the season is questionable especially if they can sell their water rights to thirsty cities.

California Farmers Skip Planting, Sell Water to Desperate Cities: "We're Afraid They'll Just Take It

Mac Slavo, March 19th, 2015


The water crisis in California is reaching epic proportions.

And it's going to cost everyone, big time.

After a sustained drought, NASA has reported that the state has less than one year of water reserves remaining, with no back up plan if things go wrong.

Now, there is so much demand for water in Southern Californian cities, that many farmers are opting to sell their water rights to urban dwellers - not just at a premium, but at an unbelievable and unprecedented rate.

CBS News profiled some rice farmers with historic rights to the Yuba River who are being offered so much for water, they have decided to forego planting their crops altogether and sell the new "cash crop" - liquid gold.

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Ray's note: In view of the California water shortage, it is pretty amazing (see below) to hear about some of the ways water is being (mis)used there.

Doing God's Work - San Francisco Church Sprays Homeless People with Water to Keep Them Away

Michael Krieger, March 20, 2015

Spraying Homeless

I've covered the plight of the homeless in America in recent years as another manifestation of the erosion of decency, empathy, morality and kindness throughout much of our culture. As a society, we've become increasingly obsessed with youth, materialism, power and short-termism, tossing aside wisdom, real joy, soulfulness and connectivity. One of the symptoms of this unfortunate transformation can be seen in how we treat the least fortunate and most vulnerable around us, particularly the homeless (see: In 33 U.S. Cities, Feeding the Homeless Has Been Criminalized).

Of all the institutions you'd hope to take a different stance toward the weak and struggling, places of worship would be at the top of the list. Not so for Saint Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, which admittedly sprays sleeping homeless people with water in order to keep them away.

From CBS:

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - KCBS has learned that Saint Mary's Cathedral, the principal church of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, has installed a watering system to keep the homeless from sleeping in the cathedral's doorways.

The cathedral, at Geary and Gough, is the home church of the Archbishop. There are four tall side doors, with sheltered alcoves, that attract homeless people at night.

The shower ran for about 75 seconds, every 30 to 60 minutes while we were there, starting before sunset, simultaneously in all four doorways. KCBS witnessed it soak homeless people, and their belongings.

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In 33 U.S. Cities, Feeding the Homeless Has Been Criminalized

Michael Krieger, Jun 12, 2014

Feed Homeless

The "war on compassion" when it comes to the homeless in America has been one of Liberty Blitzkrieg's key themes this year. There are many reasons why I find this topic to be of such tremendous importance. First and foremost, I think that if we want to see how the state and crony corporate status quo will treat everyone in the future, all you have to do is look at how the homeless are being "dealt with." Secondly, random groups feeding the homeless in various venues is a great example of decentralized compassion. Political power hates decentralization and is quite intentionally trying to corral the homeless into the centralized bureaucratic channels over which it has total control. So this isn't merely a humanitarian issue, it is also a front line battle in the key war of our time: Decentralization vs. Centralization.

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Disaster in Vanuatu After Cyclone Pam Tears Through Pacific Archipelago

By Elizabeth Chuck, March 14, 2015


The first international aid arrived in Vanuatu on Sunday after Cyclone Pam tore across the Pacific archipelago, killing at least six and leaving widespread destruction.

With winds of more than 185 mph, Cyclone Pam razed homes, smashed boats and washed away roads and bridges as it struck late on Friday and into Saturday. Aid workers described the situation as catastrophic.

"The situation is a disaster," Jacqueline De Gaillande, the CEO of Vanuatu Red Cross, told NBC News. "Most people have lost their homes. All the roofs have gone. People are outside trying to find their belongings on the ground. Lots of trees have fallen on the houses. It's really a big disaster."

De Gaillande told NBC News that six deaths have been confirmed, but the number could rise when rescuers reach Vanuatu's more remote islands, most of which had lost all means of communication.

With power lines and phone circuits down, officials in the capital had no way of knowing what the scope of the damage was on the outer islands, where the storm made a direct hit.

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Sign Of Judgment? Total Solar Eclipse On March 20th Falls In The Middle Of The Four Blood Red Moons

By Michael Snyder, on February 26th, 2015

Blood moons

The total solar eclipse on March 20th falls on Nisan 1, which is the first day of the first month of the Biblical calendar. According to Jewish tradition, a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 is a sign of judgment. And this has certainly been true in the past. For example, there was a solar eclipse on Nisan 1 in 70 AD. Later that year, the Romans attacked Jerusalem and completely destroyed the Temple. What makes all of this even more interesting is the fact that the solar eclipse on March 20th falls right in the middle of the blood moon tetrad, and it also happens to fall during the Shemitah year. If you are not a believer, you may be tempted to dismiss all of this as some sort of extremely bizarre coincidence. If you are a believer, you also might be skeptical. But by the end of this article, at least you will understand what so many people are talking about right now.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Meets With Pope Francis, Finds His Vision For Europe 'Very Encouraging'

Reuters By James MacKenzie 02/21/2015

Merkel and the Pope

(Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Pope Francis on Saturday and, apparently responding to his criticism of a heartless "dictatorship of the economy", called for stronger regulation of financial markets.

On Thursday, Francis appealed in a speech for world financial reform, saying the global economic crisis had made life worse for millions in rich and poor countries.

Merkel visited Rome for a few hours specifically to meet the pontiff and spoke with him privately in his library for 45 minutes, unusually long for a private papal audience.

She told reporters afterwards that the scandals and excesses criticized by Francis earlier in the week showed that vital checks and balances had not been functioning properly.

"Crises have blown up because the rules of the social market have not been observed," she said, adding that tightening financial market regulation would be a main objective of the meeting of leaders of Group of 20 economic powers in September.

"We have made progress but we are nowhere near a point where we could say that the kind of derailment that leads to market crises could not happen again and so the issue will again play a central role at the G20 meeting this year," she said.

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Russia tests world's most powerful bomb

Russia Today, March 13, 2015

Russian Bomb

The Russian military says it has successfully tested the world's most powerful non-nuclear bomb. The device is said to be as potent as an atomic explosion, but without radioactive fallout. Until now, the U.S. had the most powerful vacuum bomb, which was tested in 2003.

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Ray's note: Isn't that nice - a bomb that doesn't pollute the environment! It just blows things up and kills people!

National TV News Journalist Exposes Psychopharmaceutical Industry

Psychopharmaceutical Industry

March 18, 2015

Douglas Kennedy has been a national TV news correspondent for 18 years. His hard-core journalism has exposed, head-on, the psycho-pharmaceutical industry in more than 25 exposés spanning the last 13 years. He is the only national TV news journalist to ever expose the link between psychiatric drugs and mass school and military shootings.

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Fighting the "War on Terror " by Banning Cash

March 22, 2015 Joseph T. Salerno

war on Cash

It was just a matter of time before Western governments used the trumped up "War on Terror" as an excuse to drastically ratchet up the very real war on the use of cash and personal privacy that they are waging against their own citizens. Taking advantage of public anxiety in the wake of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket, France has taken the first step. It seems the terrorists involved partially financed these attacks by cash, as well as by consumer loans and the sale of counterfeit goods. What a shockeroo! The terrorists used CASH to purchase some of the stuff they needed--no doubt these murderers were also shod and clothed and used cell phones, cars, and public sidewalks during the planning and execution of their mayhem. Why not restrict their use? A naked, barefoot terrorist without communications is surely less effective than a fully clothed and equipped one. Despite the arrant absurdity of blaming cash and financial privacy for these crimes, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin brazenly stated that it was necessary to "fight against the use of cash and anonymity in the French economy." He then announced extreme and despotic measures to further restrict the use of cash by French residents and to spy on and pry into their financial affairs.

These measures, which will be implemented in September 2015, include prohibiting French residents from making cash payments of more than 1,000 euros, down from the current limit of 3,000 euros. Given the parlous state of the stagnating French economy the limit for foreign tourists on currency payments will remain higher, at 10,000 euros down from the current limit of 15,000 euros. The threshold below which a French resident is free to convert euros into other currencies without having to show an identity card will be slashed from the current level of 8,000 euros to 1,000 euros. In addition any cash deposit or withdrawal of more than 10,000 euros during a single month will be reported to the French anti-fraud and money laundering agency Tracfin. French authorities will also have to be notified of any freight transfers within the EU exceeding 10,000 euros, including checks, pre-paid cards, or gold.

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Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts

'I will fight this with every fiber of my being'
Leo Hohmann, March 24, 2015

Mayor against sharia

When a group of imams tried to bring a form of "Shariah light" to Texas, they met an unlikely foe - Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.

Now, Van Duyne has been thrust into the national media spotlight, and her city is being called "ground zero" in the battle to prevent Islamic law from gaining a foothold, no matter how small, in the U.S. legal system.

Van Duyne's name and picture has popped up on Facebook pages and Twitter feeds across America in recent days, casting her with equal enthusiasm as villain or hero, depending on one's political outlook.

She's either the mayor who stood up to the Muslim Brotherhood or the "Islamophobic bigot" looking to cash in politically on fears about Islamic terrorism.

The media frenzy was touched off by reports that an Islamic tribunal was being set up in the Dallas, Texas, area. A group of imams from surrounding mosques would sit on what they call a "mediation panel," as defacto judges, and mediate disputes between Muslims who voluntarily submit to its edicts. They denied this was a Shariah court, saying the panel would mete out nonbinding decisions in business disputes, divorces and other family matters "in full accordance with the law."

Van Duyne wrote a blistering Facebook post last month in which she vowed to "fight with every fiber of my being against this action."

Get the details on how to stop Islamization of America - $4.95 today only!

She worked with state legislators to craft a bill that would declare it illegal for any U.S. court to adopt any foreign legal system for the basis of its rulings. Islam was not mentioned in the bill, nor was any religion.

Last Thursday the Irving City Council voted 5-4 to endorse the bill before a packed room full of mostly angry Muslims.

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Ray's note: I don't usually share much material related to conspiracy theories - there is lots of that available on the internet. The difference with what I am sharing below has to do with the credibility of the speaker - Paul Hellyer, former Canadian minister of Defense and one-time acting Prime Minister of Canada. I encourage you to listen to his message.

Full Disclosure - Hon. Paul T. Hellyer

March 13, 2015

Paul Hellyer

Summary by Paul Hellyer on the major problems we face.

Hon. Paul T Hellyer important, heartfelt message to the world; "We have been given a few months, not years.....We are the ones destined to write our own history"

Former Defence Minister of Canada talks about urgent issues we face today, and how we can act on them as individuals, with a common goal of freedom and truth.

Paul touches on topics such as:
  1. US Politics and Secrecy
  2. NATO
  3. Obama
  4. Islam
  5. Christianity
  6. Judaism
  7. War
  8. 9/11
  9. Exotic Energy
  10. ISIS
  11. Moral Leadership
  12. ET Reality
  13. Monetary Reform
  14. Global Elite
  15. Sovereignty of humans
Click here to watch the video (34 min)

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)


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