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Book of Daniel Bible Study

Daniel is a Bible study topic that will greatly help your understanding of last-day events. This page provides an index to the pages covering each chapter of Daniel. Bible study topics that are closely related to Daniel will also be indexed and linked to here.

Remember, that we are all advancing in our understanding of Bible truth. You are urged to study for yourself and to carefully compare scripture with scripture. No claim is made that the information on these pages is 100% correct but I have done the best I could to carefully explain using the Bible itself to determine the meaning.

Each entry in the list below will be an active link when the page is loaded (and many related pages will be added) - this may a few months to do so please be patient. Check back to see when new pages are added or subscribe to my Prophecy Newsletter to be notified of new pages and prophecy updates.

There will be a page or more for each chapter and additional pages of information related to topics in Daniel. Studies may contain links to other pages with further information.

  1. Daniel 1 - Daniel in captivity
  2. Daniel 2 - Daniel interprets a king's dream
  3. Daniel 3 - escape from the fiery furnace
  4. Daniel 4 - a king goes mad
  5. Daniel 5 - handwriting on the wall
  6. Daniel 6 - protected in the lion's den
  7. Daniel 7 - beasts from the sea
  8. Daniel 8 - the ram and he-goat
  9. Daniel 9 - Daniel's prayer
  10. Daniel 10 - Daniel's vision by the river
  11. Daniel 11 - battles between kings
  12. Daniel 12 - Michael stands up

As you study the book of Daniel, remember that Jesus spoke about an important topic in the book of Daniel and counseled that we need to understand it:

"When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)" (Matt 24:15)
Also, you will see much in common between Daniel and the book of Revelation. Compare with Revelation as you go through the book of Daniel and you will see them fitting together. As you become familiar with Daniel, your Bible study, especially of prophetic topics, will be much more productive and meaningful.  

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