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Could Iran Have a Nuclear Bomb Soon?


Iran and a Nuclear Bomb! Sounds like a dangerous combination. Read this and other stories from the Middle East. And there is an article suggesting that the worst is yet to come in the western world's economic woes.

Prophecy News - 2009 August
Could Iran Have a Nuclear Bomb Soon?

Iran is Ready to Build an N-Bomb -- It Is Just Waiting
By: James Hider, Richard Beeston, Michael Evans,, August 3, 2009

"Iran has perfected the technology to create and detonate a nuclear warhead and is merely awaiting the word from its Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to produce its first bomb, Western intelligence sources have told The Times.

"The sources said that Iran completed a research programme to create weaponised uranium in the summer of 2003 and that it could feasibly make a bomb within a year of an order from its Supreme Leader.

"They said that, should Ayatollah Khamenei approve the building of a nuclear device, it would take six months to enrich enough uranium and another six months to assemble the warhead. The Iranian Defence Ministry has been running a covert nuclear research department for years, employing hundreds of scientists, researchers and metallurgists in a multibillion-dollar programme to develop nuclear technology alongside the civilian nuclear programme.

"'The main thing (in 2003) was the lack of fissile material, so it was best to slow it down,' the sources said. 'We think that the leader himself decided back then (to halt the programme), after the good results.'

"Washington has given Iran until next month to open talks on resolving the nuclear crisis, although hopes of any constructive engagement have dimmed since the regime's crackdown on pro-reformist protesters after June's disputed presidential elections.

"Ehud Barak, Israel's Defence Minister, last week reiterated that a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities was still an option, should the talks fail. Israeli officials estimate that a raid on Natanz and a nuclear facility at Arak, in central Iran, would set Iran's nuclear programme back by two to three years."

Iran's Ayatollah Predicting This (and It Ain't Pretty)
Calls for Muslin nations to unite militarily under messianic figure / August 17, 2009

WASHINGTON -- Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei yesterday called on Muslim nations around the world to unite militarily in response to the imminent coming of Islam's messianic savior -- the Mahdi.

"Khamenei, through his spokesman Ali Saeedi, specifically beckoned the nations of Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan to join together with Iran in preparation for the Mahdi's soon coming.

"The purpose of uniting now is to fight Israel and the U.S. -- seen as the two greatest obstacles to the coming of the Mahdi and the age of Islamic 'justice' that would ensue.

"'We have to train honest forces that can stop the obstacles that may hinder the coming of the Mahdi like the United States and Israel,' Saeedi stated.

"'While the belief in the Mahdi has been widely held by Shi'a Muslims, it has taken on a dramatically more political tone in recent years since the election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,' explains Joel Richardson, author of a new book called The Islamic Antichrist, which hypothesizes that Islam's prophesied Mahdi is one and the same as the Bible's Antichrist.

"According to Savyon and Y. Mansharof, an Iranian scholar, 'From the establishment of the Islamic Regime in 1979 to Ahmadinejad's rise to power in August 2005, Mahdism had been a religious doctrine and a tradition that had no political manifestation. The political system operated independently of this messianic belief and of the anticipation of the return of the Mahdi. It was only with Ahmadinejad's presidency that this religious doctrine has become a political philosophy and taken a central place in politics.'

"Mahdism is now increasingly being used as a political tool by appealing to the religious and nationalistic tendencies of various Muslims groups. This particular call for Islamic unity stands out because of its pan-Islamic, cross-sectarian appeal.

"Mahdist devotion is also held quite fervently by Ayatollah Khamenei as well.

"According to Al-Arabiya, Saeedi emphasized that obedience to the Ayatollah is the same as obedience to the Mahdi or the 'guided one' -- 'who is the prophesied savior of Islam.'

"'Putting an end to the tyranny and brutality' of Zionism is one of the basic goals of Mahdism.

"While the Christian narrative of the return of Jesus is one where Christians passively await a savior to deliver them from an aggressive empire, Islamic narratives often portray Muslims as aggressively and actively pursuing Islamic world dominance, particularly over the nation of Israel.

"Many evangelical Christians believe the Bible predicts a charismatic ruler, the Antichrist, will arise in the last days, before the return of Jesus. The Quran also predicts that a man, called the Mahdi, will rise up to lead the nations, pledging to usher in an era of peace. Richardson makes the case these two men are, in fact, one in the same."

What? Muslim Leader Wants Temple Rebuilt
Jewish Sanhederin rabbis unite with Turk on common cause / August 5, 2009

"With the Middle East still in chaos and rumors of war in the air, the idea of rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple on a foundation occupied and administered by Islamic militants might seem fanciful -- even preposterous.

"But the author of a new book, 'The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About the Real Nature of the Beast,' returned from Turkey recently with news that a prominent Islamic teacher and best-selling author and Jewish Sanhedrin rabbis are hoping to do just that.

"Adnan Oktar, who uses the pen name of Harun Yahya, is a controversial but highly influential Muslim intellectual and author recently met with three representatives from the re-established Jewish Sanhedrin, a group of 71 Orthodox rabbis and scholars from Israel, to discuss how religious Muslims, Jews and Christians can work together on the project.

"Oktar explained his vision for the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple to Richardson:

'The Palace of Solomon is a historically important palace and rebuilding it would be a very wonderful thing. It is something that any Jew, a Christian or a Muslim should welcome with enthusiasm.'

"A recent poll showed nearly two-thirds of Israelis back the idea of rebuilding the Temple.

"Many evangelical Christians believe the Bible predicts a charismatic ruler, the Antichrist, will arise in the last days, before the return of Jesus. The Quran also predicts that a man, called the Mahdi, will rise up to lead the nations, pledging to usher in an era of peace. Richardson makes the case these two men are, in fact, one in the same."

The Riots Will Come
By: Robert Morley, The, August 11, 2009

"The economy is changing life in America. Popular daytime shows and print and online articles are about the topics that are on people's minds the most: people losing their jobs, families with home foreclosures, how to feed a family for less in these hard economic times, and so forth. Many Americans are finally being forced to make lifestyle changes -- some of them very unpleasant. Tension is building with every foreclosure.

"Yet, while many families are hurting, much of the American population still has the luxury of remaining apathetic -- sung to sleep by sweet-sounding political soundbites. Our leaders tell us that the recession is over, the bottom is in, a V-shaped recovery has begun.

"America's leadership is setting America up for full-scale disillusionment.

"At the time of America's most perilous economic predicament in 233 years, the White House and Congress are pushing universal health care and carbon taxes. Could America's leaders be more economically suicidal or out of touch? At a time when legislators have asked people to dig deep and borrow trillions of dollars to keep the big banks and the economy from imploding, politicians are pushing welfare-state handout programs that are practically guaranteed to crush every taxpayer under their ponderous weight.

"If universal health care follows in the dubious footsteps of Medicare and Medicaid, the true cost of government-care will be many times what the salesmen in Washington claim.

"Meanwhile, if you fine companies for emitting carbon dioxide, those companies will pass down the costs to their customers (you and me). If they can't do that, they will move out of the country. If they can't do that, they will close.

"Lies about no taxes and more jobs are being exposed. And trust in Washington is breaking.

"The reaction to the Obama administration's request that people report any e-mails, news articles, or web pages of people and organizations critical of the government's universal health-care plan is a prime example. It stirred up a hornet's nest. People fear big brother. They fear government.

"Right now the clash is between political ideologies. But how much would it take for the fighting to turn into something much more dangerous?

"Here's the take-home lesson. When times are good, it is far easier for everybody to get along. Times of crisis reveal people's hearts. And the reality about human nature is, people are not naturally good.

"Unfortunately, America is heading into the worst economic times ever. What some commentators have called the Greater Recession is really just the early stages of a Greater Depression. Expect devalued dollars and soaring interest rates. Sky-high oil prices and hyperinflation. Wheelbarrows of money for loaves of bread. This is the future of the U.S. economic implosion . . . we are sitting on a social powder keg."

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