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Servant God

You can listen to an audio (professionally-read) of any of the chapters of Servant God by clicking on the chapter titles below. You would get the most out of it by listening to the parts in order but the chapters do stand on their own, so go ahead and sample a chapter of interest to get a taste for the material.

Preface 15: The Cross: Virus Protection for the Mind (Manuel Silva)
Acknowledgements 16: At-one-ment (Dorothee Cole)
Authors Disclaimer 17: Roots of Legal Metaphors for Atonement and Salvation (Jean Sheldon)
Introduction 18: Freedom in the Truth (Loren Smith)
1: The Cosmic Conflict: The "Real" Mother of all Wars (Brad Cole) 19: Without the Resurrection of Jesus, All Is Lost (Kenneth D. Peterson)
2: What is Sin? (Timothy R. Jennings) 20: The Intercession of Jesus (Cherilyn Clough)
3: Why Do We Suffer? (Dorothee Cole) 21: Difficult New Testament Passages (Sue Lewis)
4: Freedom - What's Love God to do with it? (Tom Ewall) 22: A Second Look at the Second Coming (Dorothee Cole)
5: What the Early Christians Believed (Sigve Tonstad) 23: Good News in the Judgment (Loren A. Smith)
6: Why is the Story of the Cosmic Conflict Important? (Mark Merizan) 24: Intrinsic or Imposed? Thoughts on the Fire of God (Herb Montgomery)
7: Would You Like to Meet the Old Testament God? (Alden Thompson) 25: The Wrath of the Lamb (Brad Cole)
8: Inspiration (Brad Cole) 26: A Different Kind of Kingdom (Gregory A. Boyd)
9: The Great Spectrum of Law (Virginia Davidson) 27: Prayer is Friendship with God (Cherilyn Clough)
10: The Law - Love in Living Color (Virginia Davidson) 28: Community 101 (Mark Merizan)
11: Do You Fear God's Justice? (Brad Cole) 29: Living In, and Looking Like, Christ (Gregory A. Boyd)
12: Spiritual Astigmatism (Scott Bennett) Contributors
13: The Life of Christ (Marco Belmonte) Narrator's Thoughts
14: Parting Words (Larry Ashcraft)  

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The Greek has multiple words for forgiveness? God forgives (charizomai) whether we ask or not. Receiving forgiveness (apheimi) is by our choice.
God always forgives!


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