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World Food Shortage

I have grown produce (organic) myself in the past on a small commercial scale and presently have a small business distributing bulk food to a customer base in my area. I have to compare prices on a variety of products and can see that prices are only going up. I also garden (I say I used to farm, now I just garden) to produce some of our own needs and can see more of a need to do so in the future. I would encourage anyone who can to start growing at least some of your own food. It is also good exercise and a benefit in so many ways.

Food is going to become less available, more costly and lower in quality. Take note of this verse:

"The wise see danger ahead and avoid it, but fools keep going and get into trouble." (Proverbs 2:3. NCV)

So if you can - it will be spring within 2 weeks - start planning your garden; you may be glad you did.

The situation with the drought in California is very serious. One article below shows the high percentage of many types of produce grown in the U.S. that comes from California. Do you think when the US is having a hard time supplying their own market that they will ship much or any of it to Canada?

This newsletter has a few other articles including some about the Middle East situation and be sure to take a look at the cartoons at the end that may relate to the present crisis in eastern Europe.

Note that I am simply sharing items of interest. That does not imply that I agree with everything presented.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes ..." (Matt 24:6-7)

Prophecy News - February 2014

World Food Shortage

15 Reasons Why Your Food Bill is Going to Start SOARING
By: Michael Snyder / The Economic Collapse / February 16, 2014

Food bill

"Did you know that the U.S. state that produces the most vegetables is going through the worst drought it has ever experienced and that the size of the total U.S. cattle herd is now the smallest that it has been since 1951? Just the other day, a CBS News article boldly declared that 'food prices soar as incomes stand still', but the truth is that this is only just the beginning.

"Already, the federal government has declared portions of 11 states to be 'disaster areas', and California farmers are going to leave half a million acres sitting idle this year because of the extremely dry conditions. Sadly, experts are telling us that things are probably going to get worse before they get better.

"This drought has gotten so bad that it is starting to get national attention. Barack Obama visited the Fresno region on Friday, and he declared that 'this is going to be a very challenging situation this year, and frankly, the trend lines are such where it's going to be a challenging situation for some time to come.'

"The rest of the nation is extremely dependent on the fruits and vegetables grown in California. Just consider the following statistics regarding what percentage of our produce is grown in the state...

  1. 99 percent of the artichokes
  2. 44 percent of asparagus
  3. two-thirds of carrots
  4. half of bell peppers
  5. 89 percent of cauliflower
  6. 94 percent of broccoli
  7. 95 percent of celery
  8. 90 percent of the leaf lettuce
  9. 83 percent of Romaine lettuce
  10. 83 percent of fresh spinach
  11. a third of the fresh tomatoes
  12. 86 percent of lemons
  13. 90 percent of avocados
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For some dramatic images of water levels in California lakes and reservoirs click here.

It Has Begun: Wise Up and Stock Up as a Food Shortage and Price Hikes are Coming Before the Year's End
By: Lizzie Bennett / Underground / February 12, 2014

Food shortages

"Stop for a moment and think about what's happening weatherwise around the world.

California is in the middle of a drought so severe that domestic supplies may be cut in a matter of weeks. California produces a massive amount of the food consumed in the United States.

"Florida farmers are looking at massive losses from cold weather not just ruining citrus crops, but squash, cucumbers and herbs.

"Wheat growth in Texas is stunted by continuing cold weather.

"The fishing industry in Indonesia has taken a hit because of bad weather.

"Peru, Venezuela, and Bolivia have experienced rainfall heavy enough to flood fields and rot crops where they stand. Volcanic eruptions in Ecuador are also creating problems due to cattle ingesting ash with their feed leading to a slow and painful death.

"Parts of Australia have been in drought for years affecting ...

"Rice production in China has been affected..."

Earth May Already Be Running Out of Grain
By: Laura Kiesel / The / February 22, 2014


BOSTON (The Street) -- We have all heard of peak oil, but peak grains? A study released by the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests we may be heading in that direction -- if we're not already there.

"The UNL study indicates that about 30% of major global cereal crops-including rice, wheat and corn-may have already reached their maximum yields. In fact, yields of these crops seem to have already hit a plateau and some are already decreasing, especially in eastern Asia, Europe and the United States.

"In the past, previous projections of future food production trends were based largely on positive assumptions about yields: that food production would grow in tandem with the human population, as it has historically. Past trends were often dictated by the development of technologies or breakthroughs that enabled increases in crop yields, such as specialized varieties of wheat and rice, irrigation infrastructure and commercial fertilizers and pesticides.

"Even with continued use of these technologies, the UNL researchers found crop yields were still stabilizing or decreasing, even in areas that have been prolifically productive in the past. At the same time, the human population is expected to add another 2 billion over the next few decades -- reaching 9 billion by midcentury.

"UNL researchers calculated that the stagnation and decline of cereal crops could affect 33% of major rice-producing countries and 27% of major wheat-producing countries.

"China experienced a 64% decline in the rate of corn yield increases between 2010 and 2011, and its wheat yields have remained relatively static. The United States has also maintained a linear yield of corn in recent years despite a 58% increase in research and development funding for the crop.

"The study concluded that by overestimating how much food we will be able to grow in the coming decades, we are compromising our ability to plan properly for future food security."

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Report: Americans Completely Reliant on China for Antibiotics
The Daily / February 17, 2014

China antibiotics

"'The crucial ingredients for nearly all antibiotics, steroids and many other lifesaving drugs are now made exclusively in China,' The New York Times reported in the 32nd paragraph of a Friday article entitled 'Medicines made in India set off safety worries.'"

"'Like other manufacturing operations, drug plants have been moving to Asia because labor, construction, regulatory and environmental costs are lower there,' the Times reported in 2009.

"As China has grown economically, it has also grown more bellicose.

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Justice Antonin Scalia says World War II-style internment camps could happen again
By: Joel Gehrke / The Washington / February 4, 2014


"Justice Antonin Scalia predicts that the Supreme Court will eventually authorize another wartime abuse of civil rights such as the internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II.

"'You are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again,' Scalia told the University of Hawaii law school while discussing Korematsu v. United States, the ruling in which the court gave its imprimatur to the internment camps."

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Iranian Commander: We Have Targets Within America
By: Reza Kahlili / The Daily / February 1, 2014

Iranian commander

"A top commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards boasted Saturday that his forces have plans in place to attack the United States from within, should the U.S. attack the Islamic Republic.

"'America, with its strategic ignorance, does not have a full understanding of the power of the Islamic Republic,' Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said in a televised interview. 'We have recognized America's military strategy, and have arranged our abilities, and have identified centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock.'

"Reports indicate that terrorist Hezbollah forces -- allies of Iran -- have infiltrated the U.S. and have mapped out targets.

"'We will conduct such a blow in which they [America] will be destroyed from within,' Salami said."

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Iran warns ready for 'decisive' battle with US, Israel / February 12, 2014

Iranian Commander

Tehran (AFP) -- Armed forces chief of staff General Hassan Firouzabadi has warned the Islamic republic's arch-foes that Iran is prepared for a 'decisive battle' if attacked.

"'We are ready for the decisive battle with America and the Zionist regime (Israel),' Fars quoted Firouzabadi as saying.

"He also warned neighbouring nations not to allow any attack to be launched on Iran from their soil.

"US Secretary of State John Kerry said late last month that if diplomacy with Iran fails, 'the military option of the United States is ready and prepared to do what it would have to do'.

"But Firouzabadi accused the US of bluffing."

The April 16th Electrical Power Grid Attack --
Connecting the Iranian Dots
By: Janet Levy / Freedom / February 7, 2014

Power grid

"It has been publicly acknowledged since 9/11 that Iran has hundreds of agents scattered throughout the United States. Since that time, there have been many suspicious incidents involving Iranians, with diplomatic immunity, surveilling U.S. infrastructure, including the filming of the New York subway tracks and Grand Central Station, the photographing of New York City landmarks, including bridges and tunnels, and the casing of water lines and heliport landing areas, to name a few.

"These incidents lead to speculation of possible Iranian involvement in the April 16th attack on the transformers in San Jose."

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Israel Surrendering Holy Site to Vatican? / February 22, 2014

Mt Zion

"Israel could be entering the final stages of negotiations to turn over control of Mount Zion to the Vatican, according to a report by Israel National News.

"According to the online news source, a secretive meeting took place this week between the Jerusalem Municipality, Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Tourism and senior Catholic officials.

"In response to reports regarding the negotiations, the Jerusalem Municipality released a statement insisting that it would remain 'the central sovereign power on Mount Zion.'

"Others are not so sure, and believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to turn over control of Mount Zion prior to Pope Francis' visit to the Holy Land in May."

Click here to read it all

Ray's note: I understand the Pope has a trip planned to Israel in May

Click here to watch a video of the much-publicized video address by Pope Francis to a large gathering of evangelical Christian leaders. The gathering was led by televangelist Kenneth Copeland who brings on a guest, Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer who introduces and then plays the Pope's video message which meets a warm response from the crowd.

The video includes commentary by evangelist Doug Batchelor pointing out his understanding of the prophetic significance of this event and the reaction of the evangelical leaders. He refers to a passage in the book The Great Controversy:

"Romanism is now regarded by Protestants with far greater favor than in former years. In those countries where Catholicism is not in the ascendancy, and the papists are taking a conciliatory course in order to gain influence, there is an increasing indifference concerning the doctrines that separate the reformed churches from the papal hierarchy; the opinion is gaining ground that, after all, we do not differ so widely upon vital points as has been supposed, and that a little concession on our part will bring us into a better understanding with Rome. The time was when Protestants placed a high value upon the liberty of conscience which had been so dearly purchased. They taught their children to abhor popery and held that to seek harmony with Rome would be disloyalty to God. But how widely different are the sentiments now expressed!"

If you don't have a copy of this important book, you should get one and read the very interesting account of the relationship between the Catholic and Protestant churches over the centuries. This will help you a great deal in understanding what is so significant about this development. The book I have is printed under another title - America in Prophecy - use the contact form to let me know and I can send you one.

Russia and the Ukraine
You have heard much in recent days in the news about Russia's threatening moves on the Ukraine. Many have seen in this (actually years ago) a move by Russia to reclaim some of its former territory. Check out the images below. While I do not yet have a page on this site dealing specifically with this prophecy you can read Daniel chapter 7 yourself and make a connection. Of course, I do have material about the prophecy related to the threat from Iran mentioned in this and earlier newsletters. Notice that the first image below is from 2007 and some people have known about this for much longer than that. Note also how readily people associate a bear with Russia and how a bear is used in Daniel:

"And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh." (Dan 7:5)

Russia 1

Russia 2

Russia 3

Russia 4

Russia 5

Russia 6

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)


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