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Signs of the Last Days

The signs of the last days just keep multiplying. Every month the mounting disasters seem to increase. At the end of August 2013 we are facing threats of war with Iran and Syria, the brink of economic collapse, the increasing risk of a major escalation of the Fukushima disaster etc etc. It is time to get serious folks. There are warnings all around. There is only one place of real safety:

"He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler." (Psalm 91:4)

Note that I am simply sharing items of interest. That does not imply that I agree with everything presented.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes ..." (Matt 24:6-7)

Prophecy News - 2013 August

Signs of the Last Days

Either Through War or Financial Collapse: "It Will Be Very Painful"
By: Mac Slavo / / July 29, 2013

Dr. marc Faber
Dr. Doom Marc Faber.

"Despite being ignored by his many colleagues in economic circles for his dire warnings ahead of the crash of 2008, Dr. Doom Marc Faber has been on the mark about how stock markets would behave, what governments would do, and the subsequent effects on the global populace.

"To say that he expects a crash would be an understatement.

"According to Faber, what's coming down the pike will be much, much worse than any crash we've seen in our lifetimes, which is why he's previously recommended high voltage electric perimeter fencing and attack dogs as investments, along with farms outside of high population areas and machine guns to defend them."

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Alert For the Second Half of 2013 -- Global Systemic Crisis II: Second Devastating Explosion/Social Outburst On A Worldwide Scale

"The 2008 shock was certainly violent, but the reactions of the system, countries and central banks with their bailouts on an unprecedented scale, managed to hide the worst consequences . . .

"Sadly, five lost years: the building is even less strong than before the crisis; the US 'solution' orchestrated by the Fed, that everyone else left it to manage to take the time to dress their own wounds, has been to put out with gasoline the fire which they themselves lit.

"Therefore, it's actually a second world crisis which is looming, once again caused by the United States. Ultimately this five-year period will have been nothing other than taking a step back to enter into an even bigger crisis, which we have called 'the crisis squared'.

A Second US Crisis

"The currently developing second crisis could have been avoided if the world had taken note that the United States, structurally incapable of reforming itself, was unable to implement other methods than those which had led to the 2008 crisis.

"In 40 years of US trade imbalances and the volatility of its currency, the dollar as the pillar of the international monetary system has been the carrier of all the United States' colds to the rest of the world, and this destabilising pillar is now at the heart of the global problem because the United States is no longer suffering from a cold but bubonic plague."

18 Signs That Global Financial Markets Are Entering a Horrifying Death Spiral
By: Michael Snyder / The Economic Collapse / August 18, 2013

Economic Death Spiral

"You can see it coming, can't you?

"A lot of people think that this type of 'doom and gloom' talk is foolish. It is those kinds of people that did not see the last financial crash coming and that are choosing not to prepare for the next one even though the warning signs are exceedingly clear. The following are 18 signs that global financial markets are entering a horrifying death spiral . . .

"#1 The yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries has risen for 5 of the past 6 days, and it briefly touched the 2.90% level on Monday.

"#2 Rapidly rising interest rates are spooking investors and causing them to pull money out of bonds at a very rapid pace . . .

"#3 The sell-off of U.S. Treasuries is being led by foreigners. In particular, China and Japan have been particularly aggressive in selling off bonds . . .

"#4 Thanks to rapidly rising bond yields, some of the largest exchange-traded bond funds are getting absolutely hammered right now . . .

"#5 In recent weeks we have witnessed the largest cluster of Hindenburg Omens that we have seen since prior to the last financial crisis."

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Iran: Armageddon at Hand, Prepare for War
Islamic messiah Mahdi expected to return with Jesus, kill infidels
By: Reza Kahlili / World Net / July 29, 2013

Armageddon at hand
Islamic Republic's officials at the 9th
international conference on Mahdism

"Iran is again asserting that Armageddon is at hand and that the Islamic regime's followers, indeed all of Islam, must prepare for a monumental change in the world.

"Officials of the Islamic regime last month held their annual conference on the Mahdism Doctrine to prepare for the coming of the last Islamic messiah, the Shiites' 12th Imam, Mahdi.

"Shiites, whose clerics rule Iran with an iron fist, believe that at the end of times, Mahdi, a 9th century prophet, will reappear with Jesus Christ at his side, kill all the infidels and raise the flag of Islam in all four corners of the world, establishing worldwide Islamic governance.

"Ali Larijani, the speaker of Iran's parliament, said at the conference that, 'I hope (Iran's) Islamic Revolution is that of the righteous government before the coming.' 'Righteous government' is a key to Mahdi's return, the Shiites believe.

"'It has been stated in the Islamic hadith that a wave of uprisings (such as the current upheavals in the Arab world) . . . takes place before the main uprising and that the righteous government (takes place) before the coming, which I hope (Iran's) Islamic Revolution is that.'

"'One can smell from the crisis in Syria the coming . . . of the end of times and the coming of the last Islamic messiah,' said Ruhollah Hosseinian, a member of the Islamic regime's parliament.

"Based on hadiths by Muhammad and his descendants, the Syrian revolution is a start to the coming of Mahdi, Hosseinian said in a speech quoted by Fars News Agency."

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Barring the IDF, Netanyahu's Last Resort Against Possible Obama D├ętente with Iran is US Congress / August 7, 2013

President Minister Rouhani
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

"Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at his first news conference Tuesday, Aug. 6, said his government would not discuss his country's nuclear program with the world powers under pressure. No sooner had he spoken than Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu shot back: The only thing that worked in the past was pressure, so the answer now is increased pressure.

"It is an open secret that what Rouhani is after is the lifting of US and European sanctions which are crippling Iran's economy. He is not altogether unrealistic: Only last February, the Six World Powers made Tehran an offer to gradually ease sanctions if Iran stopped enriching uranium -- even temporarily.

"That was before he was elected. Now, Rouhani wants more dramatic concessions on sanctions to prove his worth to the Iranian people and assure them he will be alleviating their economic hardships very soon.

"The Obama administration is sharply divided by the debate for and against removing sanctions. Proponents argue that Rouhani, who is perceived in the West as a moderate, should be encouraged because he may be the man to eventually persuade Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to freeze Iran's nuclear program.

"After a pause of less than a year, when Khamenei and Rouhani saw the US army becoming mired in Iraq and therefore no threat, they switched their nuclear weapons program back on at full power.

"The Iranians, including their new president Rouhani, who monitor every twitch of every US and Israeli political and military muscle, will understand that for now, they can keep going forward with their nuclear plans without fear of interference."

Drawing Timelines In the Sand On a Nuclear Iran
US, Israeli officials discuss deadline for Iran to change course.
By: Michael Wilner / The Jerusalem / August 24, 2013

Arak reactor
The Arak reactor, 190 kilometers
southwest of Tehran.

WASHINGTON -- For over a decade, the United States, Israel and independent scientific experts have largely disagreed over just how long Iran has until it becomes capable of building its own nuclear weapons.

"That debate is over.

"US and Israeli officials now discuss granting Iran a period of months -- less than half a year -- to change course before considering diplomacy exhausted and resorting to alternative measures.

"Drawing lines in the sand and calling them timelines oversimplifies a very complex problem: there are multiple avenues Iran can take to become a definitive nuclear state. And as the summer draws to a close, Iran's leaders are accelerating down virtually every one of those available paths.

"If Iran's leaders decided tomorrow to 'break out' toward a bomb, they would be able to produce enough highly enriched uranium required for a nuclear weapon in just one to two months. And with the installation of 3,000 new, advanced IR2m centrifuges at the underground Natanz facility, that timeline will soon become more like eight to 10 days -- too short for International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, who are overseeing Iran's active and declared facilities, to detect an enrichment breakout.

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Syria, Iran Issue First Explicit Warning to Israel If US Attacks
By: Stuart Winer / The Times of / August 26, 2013

Syrian Army Scud
A screen capture from a video purporting
to show the Syrian Army firing a Scud

"A senior Syrian official on Monday issued a first direct warning that if attacked, his country would retaliate against Israel. Khalaf Muftah, a senior Baath Party official who used to serve as Syria's assistant information minister, said in a radio interview that Damascus would consider Israel 'behind the [Western] aggression and [it] will therefore come under fire.'

"Muftah concluded with a warning that 'If the US or Israel make the mistake of taking advantage of the chemical issue . . . the region will go up in flames . . . that will affect security not only in the region but across the world.'

"Israeli military officials have indicated they believe it unlikely that Syria would target Israel if the US or others intervened, but Israel has reportedly been taking security precautions just in case.

"'Our hand is always on the pulse,' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday. 'Our finger is a responsible one and if needed, is on the trigger. We will always know how to protect our citizens and our country against those who come to injure us or try to attack us.'

"The Syrian and Iranian statements Monday came as Britain reportedly pushed for US action on Syria in the wake of a horrific alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians outside Damascus. According to a report from the Times of London

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Fukushima Apocalypse: Years of "Duct Tape Fixes" Could Result in "Millions of Deaths"
Russia / August 17, 2013

"Even the tiniest mistake during an operation to extract over 1,300 fuel rods at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan could lead to a series of cascading failures with an apocalyptic outcome, fallout researcher Christina Consolo told RT.

"In the worst-case scenario, a mishandled rod may go critical, resulting in an above-ground meltdown releasing radioactive fallout with no way to stop it, said Consolo, who is the founder and host of Nuked Radio. But leaving the things as they are is not an option, because statistical risk of a similarly bad outcome increases every day, she said.

"RT: How serious is the fuel rod situation compared to the danger of contaminated water build-up which we already know about?

"Christina Consolo: Although fuel rod removal happens on a daily basis at the 430+ nuclear sites around the world, it is a very delicate procedure even under the best of circumstances. What makes fuel removal at Fukushima so dangerous and complex is that it will be attempted on a fuel pool whose integrity has been severely compromised

"- The building is sinking.

"- The cranes that normally lift the fuel were destroyed.

"- Computer-guided removal will not be possible; everything will have to be done manually."

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New radiation spike near Fukushima nuclear plant tanks

Tokyo Electric Power Co said it couldn't give a precise reading on the radiation level because it was higher than its instruments can record.

TOKYO - Tokyo Electric Power Co, the operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, said Monday that a patrol of workers had found a new area of high radiation near tanks used to store contaminated water.

The latest revelation in a statement by Tokyo Electric late Monday comes a day before Japan's government is set to announce new steps to address deep-seated problems in controlling the spread of radiated water at Fukushima and criticism that the utility has bungled the response to the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl.

Tokyo Electric said it had found a radiation reading above 100 millisieverts per hour on the ground near a water storage tank. The latest hot spot is in a different area than a storage tank that was found to have leaked 300 metric tons of radioactive water in August.

Tokyo Electric said in a statement that there was no sign of a water leak around the newly discovered area of high radiation. The utility could not give a precise reading for the level of radiation since workers were using instruments that only recorded radiation up to 100 millisieverts.

Japanese nuclear workers are limited to a cumulative exposure of 100 millisieverts over five years.

I would greatly encourage you to watch the following 15-minute video of some of the signs of the last days that happened around the world within the month of August 2013.


With all these signs of the last days it is obvious that we are rapidly building toward a crisis. With the possibility of war, financial collapse and environmental disasters happening close to each other we could suddenly find ourselves in a very different world. Prepare for trouble ahead. I am planning to attend the Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Spokane, WA on Sep. 22 to learn what I can and then try to put it into practice. Especially, I need and we all do to be connected to our Savior, trusting on Him to see us through the days ahead.
"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)


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