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All Eyes on Israel
- Introduction
(What is Dispensationalism?)

What is Dispensationalism? The doctrine of dispensationalism states that the Christian Church, born at Pentecost (Acts 2), is definitely not a part of God's covenant originally made with Abraham. Dispensationalists believe that the Christian Church and the gospel of grace are an interruption of God's original plan for the nation of Israel with its emphasis on the law. They see no connection between the Christian church and God's promises of an earthly kingdom to Abraham, Moses, and David. They believe that "Israel," as mentioned in the New Testament, is the present-day, literal nation of Israel and that it is central to the fulfilment of end-time events. Indeed, they would say that the Christian church must first be taken out of the way (in the "rapture") before the covenant promises to Israel can be fulfilled.

What is dispensationalism? With some variation, it is belief in the following events that dispensationlaists understand must occur as part of God's plan before the second coming of Jesus Christ:

  1. The rebirth of the state of Israel in 1948
  2. A soon-coming seven-year period of great tribulation
  3. The rebuilding of the third Jewish temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
  4. The rise of the Antichrist who will enter this temple and proclaim himself as God
  5. The battle of Armageddon between Israel and its enemies

After the Second Coming, they also believe there will be a millennium of peace on earth with Jesus reigning from Jerusalem. This also includes the concept of a second chance for those who were not raptured at or before the Second Coming.

Dispensationalist eyes are carefully watching the nation of Israel and looking for fulfillment of their understanding of end-time events. I also believe that all eyes should be on Israel but in a different way and for different reasons. In this eleven-part study (which will eventually be released as an e-book) - All Eyes on Israel - I cover various aspects of the identity, role and destiny of the true Israel of God. Read all the parts and you will have a good understanding of the important aspects of the question "what is dispensationalism?"

Eventually, the study will be available as an e-book in PDF format to make it easy for sharing with others. Hopefully, it will give a very thorough background to understand the answer to the very important question what is dispensationalism and its significance? If you would like to receive my monthly newsletter with notice of newly-added pages and news relating to fulfilling prophecy, complete the form at the bottom of the prophecy news page.

Following is a brief summary of each chapter. Each chapter will be divided into multiple web pages so that each page is not too long. Some of these pages are written but not yet edited for this series. They will be added as they are completed. Some of the titles and descriptions may change as they are done.

All Eyes on Israel (What is Dispensationalism?)
- Descriptions of parts

Chapter 1. Israel, What is Your Name? (The Meaning of Israel) Discusses how the name Israel started, its significance and how it came to be applied to a more than one person.

Chapter 2. Is Modern Israel the Israel of Promise? Looks at Israel as a nation, its formation, its exodus from Egypt, the Babylonian captivity, its apostasy and its second chance.

Chapter 3. If Ye be Christ's, Then Are Ye Israel Parallels between Jesus and Israel. Israel in the New Testament. How we can be part of the new Israel.

Chapter 4. Israel, Take Head That No Man Deceive You Must God always keep His promises no matter what we do? American Evangelicals view of Israel.

Chapter 5. Israel, a Spectacle Unto the World Israel was meant to be a witness and expand to include the world. The 144,000 are to be God's witnesses at the end of time.

Chapter 6. His Father's Name in Israel's Foreheads The experience of the 144,000: Who has it? How to partake of it? What will it be like? The beholding principle.

Chapter 7. His Hand Against Israel and Every Man The importance of Jerusalem to 3 religions. The coming Middle East war. The release of the 4 winds of Daniel and Revelation.

Chapter 8. The Rapture of Israel Will the true Israel escape the tribulation? The state of the earth at the Second Coming. Israel gathered at the second Coming at the end of the world.

Chapter 9. True Israel and the Millennium Where will the true Israel spend the millennium and what will they be doing? What happens to them at the end of the millennium?

Chapter 10. True Israel and the Final Judgment What is the role of Israel in the final judgment? Israel tried in the fire. Israel dwells with God at last.

Chapter 11. Understanding the Present Interest in Israel How and why Messianic groups have such an interest in the nation of Israel. A scenario of end-time events from the perspective of Israel including the false Armageddon, the false Second Coming and the false Millennium. How to share with dispensationalists and authoritatively, from the Bible, answer the question "what is dispensationalism?"

Once you have read the complete study (when completed) you will have a good understanding of the answer to the question of "What is Dispensationalism?"  

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