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Hillary Clinton Health Concerns


Hillary Clinton Health in Question - could that have an effect on the election results? Does that make it more likely that the relatively (politically) unknown Donald Trump will be elected? Could that have any effect on the direction of the most powerful and influential nation on earth? We will have to wait and see. The official word is that it is a bout of pneumonia which, while not trivial, can certainly be recovered from. But just the rumor and the effects of her campaign may make a difference to some.

As I shared again just today in a Bible study, the U.S. does fit into Bible prophecy. If you are not familiar with that you might want to take a look at my page on the prophet Daniel's vision.

Whoever wins will have a tough job and may even have to deal with several potential war scenarios as the next article points out. Christianity seems to be fading in the U.S. being replaced by increases in humanism, Islam and even witchcraft. The next article asks why all the flooding? Could it be because the nation is pushing God out?

Then there are more articles on ISIS and on Israel and its goal of reinstating the Temple in Jerusalem along with its services. And another climate change challenge on the horizon. There are plans to turn up the power on the microwave oven that we are all basically living in. The last article reports more about microchip implants; which is not the Mark of the Beast as some might suppose but may eventually be involved in enforcing that mark.

Note that I am simply sharing items of interest for your information. That does not imply that I agree with everything presented here or with other material that may be on a source's other web pages.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes ..." (Matt 24:6-7)

Prophecy News - September 2016

Hillary Clinton Health Concerns

Hillary Clinton Health Meltdown Caught on Camera!

The Horn News Sep. 6, 2016

Clinton Cough

She's been trying to brush off medical questions since the start of her campaign.

But yesterday during a major speech at a Labor Day rally in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton's health issues were on display for the entire world to see.

The Democratic nominee took the stage in Cleveland coughing uncontrollably. It's just the latest in a series of coughing fits that have bedeviled Clinton on the campaign trail.

Health experts have speculated that Clinton's coughing problems could be linked to medication she's taking, or even a more serious medical issue.

Clinton tried to laugh off the episode and blame it on rival Donald Trump, saying, "Every time I think about Trump I get allergic."

But several people in the crowd began shouting "get her some water." And Clinton reportedly had another coughing fit in front of reporters on a later flight from Ohio to Iowa, and had to excuse herself.

In Cleveland, Clinton battled through the cough and delivered her speech with difficulty. News outlets like MSNBC caught some of the coughing fit on camera.

The Clinton campaign and their media backers later tried to blame a high pollen count in Cleveland for the coughing problem, but the pollen count was actually low yesterday.

Click to watch the coughing episode and judge for yourself.

Ray's Note: Who will win in November, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Health may turn out to be an important factor. Neither candidate is particularly popular and there is much unrest in the United States. We could be coming to a critical time in a most important country and thus a critical time for the world.

10 Horrifying Future Wars We Will Live To See

Morris M., Aug. 26, 2016

Russian China

One superpower in its twilight years. One new upstart ready to take on the world. At the moment, China and Russia are the big beasts east of the Ural Mountains. Both have vast armies. Both are nuclear-armed. Both are expansionist. And both have a claim on Siberia.

A sparsely populated, resource-rich sweep of land bigger than Canada, Siberia has long been in China's sights. Recently, the Middle Kingdom caused outrage in Russia by trying to buy up tracts of Siberian land. Beijing considers itself to have a historic claim to at least the eastern part of Siberia, and many ethnic Chinese are settling over the Russian border. For the Kremlin, this spells trouble.

A China-Russo war over Siberia would be devastating and have only two possible outcomes. Either the Chinese army would decimate Russia or Moscow would unleash nuclear war. Either way, the death toll would be catastrophic.

Click here to read the other 9 possible (rumors of) war situations.

Witchcraft, Islam And Humanism Are Filling The Spiritual Void Left By The Dying Church

Michael Snyder, Aug. 28, 2016


A dramatic spiritual paradigm shift is taking place in the western world. At the end of last week, I discussed the fact that more Americans than ever before appear to be turning away from the Christian faith, and this is particularly true among our young people. And while it is undeniable that atheism and agnosticism are both growing rapidly, it is also important to point out that other faiths are on the rise in the western world at the exact same time that Christianity is shrinking. If you are a Christian, what you are about to read should concern you greatly.

Let's start with witchcraft. It has been estimated that Wicca (one very popular form of witchcraft) is now the fastest growing faith in America. Books and movies featuring Harry Potter and others that use "magic" for good have fueled a tremendous amount of interest in the dark arts these days. Just consider the following excerpt from a Salon article that was published earlier this month ...

Yes, there are still many more Christians than witches in America.

But the ranks of those that are into the occult are growing very quickly - especially among our young people - and in many churches on Sunday morning you will be fortunate to find even a handful of young adults.

Meanwhile, Islam is on the rise in the western world as well. Much of this is due to immigration, and new mosques are springing up all over the United States and Europe.

Click here to read it all

This Has Been The Worst 12 Months For Floods In U.S. History

Michael Snyder, Aug. 15, 2016


Since last October, the United States has been hit by "historic flood" after "historic flood", and this latest flooding down in Louisiana that is making headlines all over the world has been caused by a "500 year storm". Even before some areas of the state received more than 30 inches of rain, this was already the worst 12 months for floods in U.S. history, but without a doubt this has put an exclamation mark on this exceedingly unusual stretch of flooding. There are some rivers down in Louisiana that have crested three to four feet higher than their previous all-time records, and Governor Edwards is using the words "unprecedented" and "historic" to describe these floods. So far, 20,000 people have been rescued by authorities, and Governor Edwards even had to evacuate the Governor's Mansion due to chest-high water in the basement.

So why is this happening?

Why are we being hammered by historic flood after historic flood?

Click here to read it all

The Pentagon has shipped more than a million small arms to Iraq and Afghanistan's defense forces

The quantity of arms contracted for export - worth several billion dollars - is greater than the number of personnel in their security forces and far more than the Pentagon has routinely indicated
Lauren Chadwick, Aug. 31, 2016


The Pentagon has spent billions of dollars since 2001 funneling roughly more than a million assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and machine guns into Iraq and Afghanistan, helping to fuel lasting conflict there, according to a new report by a London-based nonprofit research and advocacy group Action on Armed Violence.

At least 949,582 of these small arms were given to security forces in Iraq, and at least 503,328 small arms were given to local forces in Afghanistan, the group said. They called this an "under-estimate" based on the information they were able to acquire.

If the figures are correct, the US exports amounted to more than one small arm for each member of Afghanistan's security forces, which totaled roughly 355,000 soldiers, police, and airmen in February 2015, according to a NATO operational update on the force. The number of armaments sent to Iraq also vastly exceeded the current size of that country's active military and paramilitaries - 209,000, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies' 2016 Military Balance report.

Until now, the Pentagon hasn't published such a tally of its own, so the group's researchers spent a year scouring multiple databases to arrive at its estimate: a general Pentagon contract list, a government-wide contracting list, and multiple government reports on military spending. They finally calculated that the overall value of the contractually-agreed small arms shipments, just to those two countries, was roughly $2.16 billion.

U.S. intelligence reports and eyewitnesses have previously said that a significant fraction of the U.S.-financed arms were either lost or stolen, and that many wound up in the hands of forces opposed to US interests, including terrorist groups such as the Islamic State, or ISIS.

Click here to read it all

"Apocalyptic Scenes" As Fleeing ISIS Fighters Set Iraqi Town's Oil Wells On Fire

Tyler Durden, Sep. 2,2016

Oil Wells

Back in 1991, when the Iraq army was retreating from Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War, it unleashed a literal "scorched earth" tactic as it set fire to some 600 oil wells, leading to iconic photos such as this one.

Twenty-five years later, in an ironic twist, it was ISIS fighters who returned the favor, and while fleeing an Iraqi toawn, they did their best to raze it to the ground by flooding the streets with oil and setting it on fire.

Pressured by the latest advance of coalition forces approaching the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul in the north of the country, the jihadists were forced to retreat from Qayyara by Iraqi soldiers. As they fled, they took a page from the Iraq's own army as they ISIS bombed pipelines and set fire to nearby oil wells, creating an endless cloud of black smoke that blocked out the sun, leaving the town shrouded in darkness in an eerie redux of scenes from 1991.

Smoke billowing into the sky during a Reuters visit on Monday blotted out the sun in central districts hours before nightfall, producing an "apocalyptic scene" in this desert settlement which lacks electricity amid 49 degree Celsius (120 F) temperatures.

Click here to read it all

ISIS Has A New Focus: Killing Christians And Bombing Churches Wherever They Can Find Them

Michael Snyder, Aug. 16, 2016


If you are a Christian, ISIS wants to kill you. Our politicians keep telling us that our battle with ISIS is not a "religious war", but to ISIS it most certainly is. As you will see below, ISIS has a new focus. They are very clear about the fact that they intend to kill as many "citizens of the cross" as they possibly can, and they plan to bomb churches wherever they can find them. In a previous article, I explained how an entire church in the U.S. ended up on an ISIS kill list, and we just saw in France that they are willing to strike anywhere and at any time. Religious targets now appear to be a top priority for ISIS, and that means that every church and every Christian in the western world needs to start thinking differently about security.

Let's start by taking a look at what is happening in Africa. Boko Haram's brutality has made headlines all over the planet, and the infamous terror organization has pledged complete loyalty to ISIS at this point. In the past, Boko Haram has hit both Christian and Muslim targets, but now the new leader of Boko Haram is promising to following ISIS guidelines and to focus primarily on bombing churches and killing Christians ...

Click here to read it all

Palestinian Parents Sending Children to Camp Kill the Jew

Ziva Dahl Aug. 29, 2016

It's August. Camp has ended - that rite of summer for millions of American children. Swimming, hiking, campfire sing-alongs and S'mores, drama skits, lanyard-making, new friends and creating lifelong memories.

Palestinian summer camps have also just ended, but their children have very different experiences to share and memories to hold dear.

This year's theme for Hamas summer camps, attended by tens of thousands of children in Gaza, was the "Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Intifada."

The primary focus of these summer camps is to indoctrinate young children with radical jihadist ideology and to prepare them for martyrdom (suicide) operations. A "counselor" explains, "The goal of these camps is to instill the spirit of Jihad and of fighting in these cubs." Ibrahim Al-Madhoun, a columnist for the Hamas Al-Risalah, wrote, "These camps will lay the foundations for building a broad popular army."

To that end, at Palestinian summer camp, young children learned to fire machine guns, crawl through tunnels and beneath barbed wire, handle rocket launchers and plant mines. They were taught kidnapping techniques for capturing Israeli soldiers and even had fun shooting at images of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Click here to read it all

Israel Prepares To Build Third Temple As It Mourns Previous Temple Destruction

PNW Aug. 15, 2016


It may have been almost 2000 years since the Roman Empire destroyed the Second Temple in 70 AD and even more since the Babylonians destroyed the First Temple but a growing movement of Jews is determined to see the Temple rebuilt and once again take its place at the center of Jerusalem.

This past weekend saw thousands of Israelis from across the country converge on the capital to participate in the Fast of the 9th of Av (Tisha B'Av), the day of mourning for the destruction of the First and Second Holy Temples in Jerusalem which took place on this same day centuries apart.

Events to commemorate the day of mourning include gathering at the Western Wall as well as marching around the walls of the Old City and reading from the Book of Lamentations. Traditional customs also include not greeting one another during the fast, refraining from studying Torah, except for certain selections, sitting on low chairs until noon, refrain from bathing, leather footwear, cosmetics and intimate relations - all this a culmination of three weeks of keeping various customs that symbolize mourning and even more stringent ones during the nine days leading to the fast.

The Ninth of Av is a date marked by tragedy in Jewish history in addition to the destruction of the first and second Temples. Several other terrible events in Jewish history occurred on this date

Click here to read it all

Sanhedrin Appoints High Priest in Preparation for Third Temple

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz Aug. 29, 2016

High Priest

A significant step was recently taken towards reinstating the Temple service when the nascent Sanhedrin selected Rabbi Baruch Kahane as the next Kohen Gadol (high priest). The selection was made as a precaution for Yom Kippur. If the political conditions should change, allowing the Jews access to the Temple Mount, they will be required by Torah law to bring the sacrifices. Rabbi Kahane is confident that if that should happen, Temple service could begin in less than one week.

Rabbi Kahane is a prominent scholar, knowledgeable in the complicated laws pertaining to the subject of the Temple Service. He is part of the Halacha Berurah Institute, established by Rabbi Avraham Isaac HaCohen Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel, which deals with the elucidation of Jewish law from its Talmudic sources (Oral Law) and commentaries. He has played a prominent role in all the reenactments of the Temple services performed to date.

This year has already seen much Temple-oriented activity: the Temple Institute has created a registry of kohanim; established a school for educating men of the priestly class in the details of the Temple service; and performed reenactments on all the holidays, including the especially significant Passover sacrifice.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the nascent Sanhedrin, explained to Breaking Israel News the necessity for choosing a High Priest, even in the absence of a Temple.

"We do not need a miraculous occurrence like the sudden appearance of a Temple descending from heaven onto the Temple Mount to make this decision relevant," explained Rabbi Weiss. "The only obstacle preventing the Temple service today is the political issue. If that should suddenly change, as it very well could, we would be required to begin the Temple service immediately.

Click here to read it all

'A lit fuse': Ancient carbon slowly seeping from permafrost could ignite climate-change bomb

RT, Aug. 25, 2016


Slowly melting permafrost is seeping ancient carbon into the atmosphere in what researchers describe as a slowly ticking climate change time bomb.

The paper, published in Nature Geoscience on Monday, confirms that the thawing permafrost is releasing gases which have been trapped in ice for thousands of years as climate-warming greenhouse gases.

By subjecting gas captured from lakes in Alaska, Siberia and Canada to radiocarbon dating, researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks found the gas had been generated from carbon stored up to 30,000 years ago.

The team of scientists also used historical aerial photo analysis, soil and methane sampling, to quantify the strength of the "permafrost carbon feedback."

Although the amount of gases being released from permafrost at the moment is "pretty small," it's thought that over the next 90 years, the levels of gas could be from 100 to 900 times greater than present measurements.

Click here to read it all

Action alert: 5G cellular technology will blanket planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies

Jonathan Landsman, Sep. 3, 2016


(NaturalHealth365) The 5G revolution is rushing toward us and it will bring a whole new era of harm from ultra-high microwave frequency radiation. And those who raise their voices against the danger to our health and our human rights to safety have been the subject of harassment, intimidation and attempts to silence them.

On July 14, the FCC voted to unleash 5G in the United States, approving sweeping Spectrum Frontiers rules to make spectrum bands above 24 GHz available for 5G. Even though serious health risks are associated with the proliferation of cell phone technology, the attitude of the FCC seems to be 'full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.'

The July 14 vote was preceded, a month earlier, by a June 20th announcement by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, in which he enthusiastically heralded the coming rollout of 5g applications and networks as a "game-changer" and a "national priority" that will generate "tens of billions of dollars."

Click here to read it all

Human Microchip Implants Gaining Greater Acceptance

PNW Sep. 8, 2016


Once used for tracking pets and livestock, human microchip implants are now moving away from the fringe and becoming more mainstream.

There are now an estimated 10,000 people with RFID implants embedded in their bodies capable of sending out signals, but the rate of implantation has now begun to increase rapidly.

So why has a technology used to track and control animal populations now gained more widespread, and voluntary, adoption among young people around the world?

The first answer is convenience. In the same way that we agree to unlimited monitoring of our private communications through social media and cellphone networks in exchange for the convenience, people are beginning to prefer the advantages of simply waving a hand near a sensor to open a door or turn on the lights.

The chips, which are usually implanted in the hand, are about the size of a grain of rice and can be used to replace identification cards as well as interact with sensors that allow an implanted person to activate home electronics.

One woman from Sidney, Shanti Korporaal, now has two implants under her skin that allow her to access her work office and car without the use of keys.

When interviewed, she stated that her goal is to abandon the use of wallets and cards completely in favor of the implanted chips. She said, "You could set up your life so you never have to worry about any password or PINs."

Click here to read it all


Here are two interesting videos; the first about Hillary Clinton. Health concerns have been in the news. More about this in the first video. The second video is about significant developments in the religious world.

The Video Hillary Clinton Doesn't Want Seen (12 min)

Unveiling the Great Apostasy (2016): Arch of Triumph, Pope Francis and the Third Temple (14 min; message ends at about 13 min)


Hillary Clinton health challenges, wars and rumors of wars, increasing witchcraft, historic flooding, ISIS, Jewish-Arab tensions, third temple plans, more climate change, more assaults on our health and more control - do you suppose all of that might add up to more signs of where we are in earth's history and where we are headed?

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)


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