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Part 1 - Biblical Forgiveness - Are There Two Types?

  Please read this study on Biblical Forgiveness ... but, if you are in a hurry, here is a quick summary. (Opens in new window.) When you see the importance of it, you may want to return later to read the full study or add your own comments/questions or see what others have written. (Opens in new window.)


biblical forgiveness

Are you seeking for Biblical forgiveness? Have you ever struggled with whether or not God has forgiven you? In your relationship to God - do you feel forgiven? Or do you feel guilty? Do you know what the effects of guilt feelings are on emotional health? - they are not good. Health and forgiveness are definitely related. Guilt produces emotional pain and can even result in physical disease. If you are struggling with how to overcome guilt, then forgiveness is something you need to understand. It is something to seek after. But do we really understand what forgiveness is and how to get it?

How do you think that God regards you when you sin? Is He upset? Does He have to be appeased? Reconciled? Do you beg God to forgive you? Do you ever wonder if He does forgive you? There is, in the world, and, to a degree, even in Christianity, confusion over this topic.

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It Takes Two for Forgiveness to Happen

First, let's understand that forgiveness is a transaction between two parties. In forgiveness, there is the forgiver, the one who offers, who gives the pardon and there is the forgivee, the one who accepts and receives the pardon. It isn't just God forgiving us but it is Him forgiving us and us receiving forgiveness. Let's try understanding forgiveness by looking at various scriptures on forgiveness. Scriptures that describe forgiveness from the perspective of both the forgiver and the forgivee. What does the Bible say about it?

For a continuation of this study on Biblical Forgiveness and some really good news, go to part 2 (of 6). Please do keep reading. This is indeed good news. You will find that just knowing that God always forgives you, that He holds nothing against you is very encouraging.

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Other Languages Many people have appreciated the message in this study, so I am also making it available in PDF-file format with the summary and all parts in one file so that it can be easily shared. Click on the following links to download in different languages. I hope to add more as time goes on.

Biblical Forgiveness (in English)
E-book, 97 kb instant download; Version: 2008.11
Biblical Forgiveness (in Luo - Kenya)
E-book, 87 kb instant download; Version: 2012.04 Translation was done by Calvince Osongo of Rongo, Kenya who works to help the orphans, the poor and suffering in Kenya. If you wish to express thanks for his work or encourage him in his trials, you may email him at
Biblical Forgiveness (in Telugu - India)Telugu
E-book, 246 kb instant download; Version: 2012.03
Translation was done by Anand Didla, a Pastor in Andhrapradesh, India who is actively working to share the gospel with young people.

If you appreciate this beautiful truth and know another language into which you would be willing to translate it, please contact me.

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ten commandments
While the law (designed to protect us) was written in stone (signifying its permanence), Jesus recorded sins in the sand (signifying how ready God is to erase them).

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The Greek has multiple words for forgiveness? God forgives (charizomai) whether we ask or not. Receiving forgiveness (apheimi) is by our choice.
God always forgives!


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