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  Prophecy news is of interest (or should be) to anyone who is aware of what is happening in the world. As a student of Bible prophecy, I come across many items of interest related to end-of-the-world prophecies and would like to share the most interesting of those with others. This newsletter will include my picks of what looks to be of interest regarding the rapid fulfillment of end-time prophecies, the role of America in Bible prophecy and the question of "when will the world end?" Regular issues as of 2017 will be quarterly with occassional extra issues as events warrant. Along with the move from monthly to quarterly, I will attempt to include more analysis of the events/trends linking them to specific prophecies.

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Newsletters Archive:

Prophecy News for 2009
January Prophecy of the End of the World Pope Benedict refers to the need for the masses to prepare for Christ's return.
February When Will the World End? Are all these things that we are seeing in the news signs that the end is near?
March Food Crisis, Justice? Catastrophe? Some issues that affect us and are only likely to get worse as time moves on.
April Pestilence, Swine Flu, Middle East Problems Is the current swine flu epidemic an end-time pestilence as prophesied in Matthew 24?
May A 2012 End of the World? The significance of 2012. Gerald Celente predictions and more.
June Is Mt. St. Helens Soon to Blow? Is it turning into a supervolcano? Also: Iran, swine flu pandemic, a bank holiday.
July What Would Happen if Israel Attacked Iran? A warning from China and Russia. Also, the economy, swine flu, my new book.
August Is Iran Close to Having a Nuclear Bomb? More rumblings from the Middle East and the economy is not out of trouble yet either.
September Christians Keeping Ramadan, Thanking Allah! Religion seems to be getting more confusing (or more confused) all the time.
October More Deadly Disasters in South East Asia Nature's wrath in SE Asia (again). Is man's wrath soon to be felt in the Middle East?
November The Copenhagen Climate Conference Is this conference really about the climate or is there a sinister purpose behind it?
December World Food Crisis in 2010? We hear all about the economic crisis while this one is sneaking up on us.

Prophecy News for 2010

January      Haiti Earthquake?              This just doesn't seem fair to such a poor, disadvantaged country. What is going on?
February Hezbollah and Israel            Indications are that they are preparing up for yet another war.
March Chile Earthquake            This strong earthquake actually caused a shortening of the days.
April Irans's Nuclear Program            The deadlines keep looming. At some point, someone will do something.
May Dinosaur History Called into Question.            Dinosaur history is not what you have been told. Here's clear evidence to the contrary.
June BP Oil spill Disaster            Does this relate in any way to Bible prophecy?
July The Coming Israel Iran War            And a link to a study showing how it fits with Bible prophecy.
August Will the US Attack Iran Soon?            We have expected this war for some time? Why is it taking so long?
September Oceanic Dead Zones Oceanic Dead Zones are Another Environmental Concern to Add to the List
October Tracking Devices Could they be used to help enforce the Mark of the Beast?
November Is Iran Nuclear? Has Iran already crossed the nuclear threshold? Will they have a bomb soon?
December The US Economy The US Economy is in Deep Trouble. Will There Be an Economic Recovery?

Prophecy News for 2011

January      Grow Your Own Food Food supply trends may convince you to start growing
February      Polar Shift A polar shift, global superstorms
- things are going crazy
March      Japan Earthquake Japan: Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis
April      Global Food Crisis We are running out of food!
May      Chrislam Hard to believe this even exists but here it is
June      Iran With a Nuclear Weapons It's pretty much done and will certainly affect the Middle East
July      US Debt Crisis Settled? or just that much worse the next time around.
August      Food Riots Food riots someday could be coming to your neighbourhood.
September      Iran Missiles Iranian missiles and ships are becoming more threatening.
October      Israel Attack Iran An Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear plants will be costly.
November      Will Israel Attack Iran? Israel is considering a pre-emptive attack on Iran.
December      List of Recent Earthquakes A list and graph of earthquakes shows a clear increasing trend.

Prophecy News for 2012

January      US National Debt Graph Food supply trends may convince you to start growing
February      The Strait of Hormuz Food supply trends may convince you to start growing
March      US Iran War Food supply trends may convince you to start growing
April      Martial Law? The U.S. is preparing for war on the home front
May      National Debt Crisis The U.S. national debt is beyond possibility of being ever paid off
June      Revelation's Trumpets Are the trumpets of Revelation beginning to sound?
July      Remote Control Drone Aircraft These are shrinking all the time. Better get out your fly swatter!
August      A Nuclear Iran It's becoming a very real possibility. "Wars and rumors of wars."
September      Iran's Nuclear Program Iran is getting close to having a weapon and talking like they want to use it.
October      Oil Fracking Dangers The government now even recognizes that fracking causes earthquakes.
November      Facial Recognition System Now you can be identified and tracked by computer recognition of your facial features.
December      When Will the World End? After the Mayan calendar interest, many are asking this question.

Prophecy News for 2013

January      End of the World Predictions While exact predictions are unreliable, general trends give us warning.
February      US-Iran War Soon? Even the President is saying it could happen in just a few months.
March      World War 3 Will it be sparked by a US attack on Iran? Soon?
April      The US Dollar Crisis Is it soon to collapse in value? Could it bring on the time of the end?
May      A New World Currency Will a new world currency be brought in to try to solve the world's financial woes?
June      Preparing for Economic Collapse Some indicators that the collapse is coming and that it may be soon.
July      End Times Preparation You should be thinking about this in view of the signs of the times.
August      Signs of the End Times Get prepared as the signs are aligning more and more all the time.
September      Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapon Just one of these could set much of North America back 200 years.
October      Fukushima Nuclear Leak The Fukushima nuclear radiation leak could still get much worse.
November      Blood-red Moon Prophecy Four blood moons coming in the next 2 years - on significant dates.
December      Bubonic Plague A frightening disease is starting to make a comeback.

Prophecy News for 2014

January      Four Blood-red Moons Coming Only a natural event or a sign from the heavens?
February      World Food Shortage Food production worldwide is endangered.
March      Pope Francis The Pope is making news in many ways.
April      Recent Earthquakes Recent Earthquakes are Raising Concerns.
May      Temple Mount News Unrest on the Temple Mount is Increasing.
June      Extreme Body Modification Unrest on the Temple Mount is Increasing.
July      Ten Plagues on America Unrest on the Temple Mount is Increasing.
August      Ebola News How Far Can This Plague Spread?
September      Dumbing Down How Stupid Can we Get?
October      Is Halloween Pagan? Check Out Its Origins
November      The Islamic State Growing into New Areas
December      Predictions for 2015 Could this be the Year?

Prophecy News for 2015

January      The Doomsday Clock Just moved closer to midnight
February      End Times Signs The Signs are Abounding
March      California Water Shortage It Will Affect Us All
April      Volcano Eruption in Chile A Sign of More to Come?
May      Jonathan Cahn Caution re The Harbinger
June      Events Coming in September Interesting Events Coming This Fall
July      September Events Interesting Events Coming This September
August      September 2015 Crisis September 2015 Could be Interesting!
September      Middle East Migrant Crisis Possible Route to Infiltrate the West?
October      End Time Insights End time events are shaping up
November      Syrian Refugees A New Crisis - Just Immigration or Something More?
December      Factors Affecting Climate Change Caused by Humans? or Being Used by Humans?

Prophecy News for 2016

January      The Zika Virus Yet Another Serious Health Threat
February      WW3 Predictions Are We Getting Closer?
March      End Time Insights Prophecy in the News
April      End Time News Earthquakes - Literal and Figurative
May      End Times Signs Abounding Things are Starting to Fall Apart
June      Donald Trump on Immigration Will be Interesting to Watch This Unfold
July      Brexit How it Fits into Bible Prophecy
August      End-time Insights - Pokémon An Attempt at Mind Control?
September      Hillary Clinton Health Is there a Problem?
October      Rumors of War Are we close to real war?
November      Donald Trump Politics Possible Religious Impacts
December      End Time Insights Coming in 2017

Prophecy News for 2017

Quarter 1 Signs of End Times 2017 Jesus' Return Getting Closer
Quarter 2 Eliminate Israel? Israel Still a Flashpoint
Quarter 3 North Korea Latest News North Korea Threat Escalating
Quarter 4 Wars and Rumors of Wars Will War Break out in 2018?

Prophecy News for 2018

Quarter 1 Iran and Israel in the News Closer to all-out war?
Quarter 2 Peace and Safety? Then Sudden Destruction?
Quarter 3 Church and State Religious Freedon Threatened
Quarter 4 The Third Jewish Temple To be built in spring 2019?

Prophecy News for 2019

Quarter 1 Mideast Peace Plan? Proposed for after the Israeli election
Quarter 2 Deal of the Century? Is it really such as good deal?
Quarter 3 Revelation 7:1 Four Winds Angels are still holding the four winds
Quarter 4 More Signs of the End Times Major opponents of West joint military exercises

Prophecy News for 2020

Quarter 1 CoVid 19 and Locusts We are entering the end times
Quarter 2 Could War be Coming Soon? Will America survive the coming crisis?
Quarter 3 Will the Four Winds Soon be Released? Who will be blamed for the coming trouble?
Quarter 4 Will 2021 Be Any Better Than 2020? Not looking good for the start of a new year

Prophecy News for 2021

Quarter 1 Signs of the Last Days Increasing with each new newsletter
Quarter 2 Land Vomits Out the Inhabitants Is the Earth Rebelling?
Quarter 3 The Coming Collapse Is it Inevitable?
Quarter 4 Will 2022 be any Better? Or Could it be Worse?

Prophecy News for 2022

Quarter 1 End Times Signs Increasing with each newsletter
Quarter 2 Food Shortages Coming Think about growing your own
Quarter 3 War Famine Pestilence Just like in Matthew 24
Quarter 4 War 2023 War 2023

Prophecy News for 2023

Quarter 1 2023 Events Lining Up Are You Awake?

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Daniel 8 Study which shows why I put so much emphasis on the Middle East situation in these Prophecy News updates.

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"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)
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