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And What About this Abomination?

by Ricardo V.
(Cancun, Mexico)

"Inspired by Terrence McNally's "controversial" play about a young gay Jesus, Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption follows a group of actors who began production on the play four years ago in a small church ..."

This is not freedom of speech, it is denigrating the person of Jesus, distorting the facts of history and dis-respecting a whole religion and its followers. If there is means in the hands of someone that can prevent it from playing, you should do it or share how we can. For those who claim that it is freedom of speech, I would like to see you repeating that after reading a story about you, your children or any of your family in the news saying a bundle of *&%# and claiming that it is true. These are two separate things.

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Apr 07, 2011
I Must (Mostly) Agree With You
by: Ray Foucher (moderator)

Thank you, Ricardo for your comments. Of course, you are now talking about a play that is not a hoax. For the most part, I agree with your comments. I just believe we have to be careful in attempting to restrict the freedom of others. I have added a paragraph - Before You Comment - to the page to show that I am thinking it is more freedom of conscience than freedom of expression that should be protected. As I heard someone say once "your freedom ends where my nose starts." People who produce material that is disrespectful or hurtful to the feelings of others are going too far.

Please note that I don't pretend to have all the wisdom to resolve such issues.

Apr 22, 2011
I am against the Corpus Christi movie
by: Anonymous

Its ridiculous how people can come up with such movies or plays against God.They are just taking it for granted and if we people don't voice our concerns against such movies, its as good as if we are letting the evil flourish. It's time they stop this nonsense and start reading the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to them.

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