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by Donna

Man's law freedom of speech or expression or what one believes is just that man made laws! There is nothing in the Bible to back these laws that have been set by man. However following the laws of God would prompt me to be against some film of this nature if there were one! Just because man has put the law of freedom of speech into place do not mean it is appropriate to express this at any and all cost! In the end, God's laws will rule and man's laws will fall and fail! My point is, according to man's laws, I have the right to speak my opinion about this matter and this is were I stand: if we continue to follow man's laws we are doomed for hell! At what cost and how far will man go to express themselves with freedom of speech etc...
We now have 12-year olds filming live suicides and there is so much evil in this world and just because our law says we have freedom of speech and opinions DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!!! I pray for our world that God will come back and make things right again!

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The Greek has multiple words for forgiveness? God forgives (charizomai) whether we ask or not. Receiving forgiveness (apheimi) is by our choice.
God always forgives!