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Corpus Christi Movie Update

by Channing F.
(Texas, USA)

Howdy.. I was searching for information about the movie "Corpus Christi"... and found your site and info. I think it may be time for another IMDB search... Here is the link I found today ...

Good luck with your review and update.

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Mar 18, 2011
Corpus Christi Movie Clarification
by: Anonymous

When I say on the web page "there is no such thing as the Corpus Christi movie" I am referring to the rumor of a movie supposedly to be released in 2009 as per the email hoax. That does not mean there won't be another movie on the same topic released future to that. What you are seeing at the IMDB is a reference to a soon-to-be-released (as of March 2011) film Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption that the first commenter mentioned - and he is the producer of it.

May 13, 2011
Painful Disgust
by: Anonymous

Although there is no such movie to date the ordeal still brings me on the verge of tears and unrivaled anger in my heart. The fact that such a play as this one and "Him" has been around for years is disturbing. The Blasphemous behavior of mankind is a terrible sign of the times. The day awaits us and we still have not grasped the understanding principle of submission to the Father who has adorned us with all. Yes, for those who do not believe this would seem foolish but foolish as it may sound I would rather have lived my whole live seeking after my Lord's kingdom and be fooled than to spend my life rejecting him and be accursed/cast out.

May 09, 2012
Our doings here on earth determines our place in the heart of God our Creator
by: Anonymous

I am one of those who was deceived by the devil that its okay to be a homosexual but by the love of God my Creator, He sent His Holy Spirit to convict me - helped me understand that homosexuality is a sin. I accepted His love and forgiveness-now I'm happy because I know I'm living in the right way(I'm living in a normal life). To those who act in Corpus Christi - if they are still alive - I hope that they will realize and come to know that after this life THERE IS JUDGEMENT! I cannot blame them for being a homosexual and they still have the chance to be forgiven but in doing such a movie like this/ doing blasphemy to Jesus my Lord - WOE ON THEM - its like they bring judgement for themselves; also with the author or director of that play. We, people must accept that we have SOUL that when our body will die our SOUL will return to the One who gave it to us and He will judge us according to what we have done here on earth!

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