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Daniel Daily

by Cassie
(Mashpee, MA US)


Thank you Tom. I thank Father for hearing and answering your prayer while out at sea. It reminded me of the scripture I had just this morning been given. The waters were calmed and the wind. Amen.

I was seeking the word daily and came across your writing. I was seeking truth as I saw a You Tube video today about Daniel and what DAILY meant. I was not feeling in my Spirit truth after watching the video and hope that you will and give me your thoughts.

I think Tom is spot on about the daily. I believe it will be the laws and times that will change and the Sabbath is one to be changed for sure.

The You Tube subscription is 777aej it was a video for today July 18th 2012.


Toms' Reply

Cassie, I received your email about the "daily" today, I have been working on this puzzle for many years; that is just what it is, a puzzle. I believe, as you have stated, that there is light in what I have found. I would like you to watch the following You Tube clip. I am sorry for the length but I cannot change that. Because there is so much confusion on this subject I felt I needed to lay it out very clearly using the Word. I felt much like what you felt when you were watching the short 18-minute clip; I could hardly watch the whole thing even though it was only 18 minutes. I am sorry - she is basing all her conclusions (not sure what that even was) on such a poor foundation. I never did understand her conclusion, was she saying that this somehow has to do with the American government? If she is, this could not be further from the truth. If she is talking about something in the Middle East she was not at all clear about that.

I believe if you think there is light in the article that I have put into print you will really enjoy the video presentation on the "daily" that I did earlier this year. I have put the link below which will take you to my You Tube Channel. I have a few others I am sure you will like also. I will warn you, my presentations are not 10 or 15 minutes because they are thorough and filled with Scripture. I do not apologize for the length because there is no other way; if I do not include all the Scriptures it just looks like my opinion. I guarantee, if you watch it, you will not regret it. I know people these days want the short and sweet version but there is no way to arrive at the important truths of Scripture like the "daily" without really searching it out. I have made a very good case for the daily in that paper but even more so in the video, It is a two-part presentation, please watch them in their entirety. Do check out the 3-part prophecy series also, I have been getting some very good feed back on this series.

Let me know what you think.

Blessings to you and your house.

Tom Stapleton

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