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Was the Earthquake in Italy an "Act of God"?

  An Earthquake in Italy April 6, 2009, killed close to 150 people, injured about 1500 and left many more homeless. The 6.3 quake struck while people slept and rocked the city of L'Aquila about 60 miles east of Rome. The Government has declared a state of emergency.

It is always sad to see people die in natural disasters. The closer to home it hits the more we tend to start asking questions and wondering why. Some will blame such events on God even calling them "acts of God." But is it accurate to call them that? What is God's role, if any, in natural disasters? What is He feeling when such things happen?

Light on the Dark Side

The bigger picture is about God's character in general. What is He like? Does He always act with love towards mere mortals? Some see what could be called a dark side of God and this certainly affects their attitude towards Him.

For some answers to these larger questions - answers that are based solidly in God's word - request the free book Light on the Dark Side of God.

Here is the description from the back cover of the book:

Why would a loving God burn humans eternally for the sins of one short lifetime?

How did the gentle Jesus perfectly reflect the "fire-breathing" Old Testament God who, according to Scripture, He came to reveal?

How can a "killing" God tell humans "Thou shalt not kill" and yet to pattern their character after His own?

Why didn't God destroy human rebellion early-on, before it became full blown?

Do humans really have free will, with God planning to execute those whose choices He does not like?

How does "the wrath of God" apply to our generation?
Follow the trail of Biblical clues in Light on the Dark Side of God to an amazing and wonderful new picture of God.

If you would be interested in this book, I am willing to send a FREE copy to you. I only ask that when you receive it you consider making a donation to at least cover the postage cost (if you can). If you think the book is of worthy interest or value consider donating something towards its cost also. This will help me to perhaps extend the offer to more people. However, if you can't afford it but are genuinely interested go ahead and order it and the cost will be shared by myself and those who do give a donation. You need to read this message in this book.

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The author does a very good job, I believe, in explaining the apparent discrepancies that could be mentioned on this topic. M. M. Campbell uses the cross of Christ to measure theories about the character of God. This is extremely good information. We are told that to love God is the most important commandment:

"And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment." (Mark 12:30)
We can only love God through an appreciation of His character and what He has done for us. God never looked better to me before I read this book and I just want others to be able to read it also and come to a better appreciation of His wonderful character.
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God always forgives!


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