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Mikhael Ben Yisrae-Levi "Messianic Jew"

by Mikhael Ben Yisrael-Levi
(Florissant, Colorado.)

About Forgiveness
You say that Elohim "G-d" will Always forgive Every Sin, How do you explain Matthew 12:31 about Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and Matthew 10:32 If you do not acknowledge Me in front of Man I will NOT acknowledge you in front of the Father.
Revelation 14:9-11 If anyone worships the Beast or takes his mark on the Forehead or the Hand will Burn in Hell. Elohim has the Right to do what he wants to do, but like we learned in the Army you don't have to like it, you just have to do it!

Ray's reply:

Thank you Mikhael for your comment.

I hope, if you haven't, that you will read all six pages of my study beginning at In that study, it explains that G-d forgives every sin in that, from His heart, He (like a loving parent towards children) does not let our sins affect His love for us. He does not harbor a grudge against us. He is still trying to get us to turn to Him and be saved. It is important to understand that sin changes us not G-d.

My study explains the important fact that forgiveness is a two-part transaction. G-d can grant forgiveness to us but, unless we receive it, we will not feel forgiven; the guilt and shame will not be removed, we will not be restored to a right relationship with Him and will be eternally lost. There are different original words translated as forgiveness which most people ignore.

My explanation of Matt 12:31 is on this page:

I see no conflict over Matt 10:32. The Messiah called some on earth His friends and there will be others who are eternally lost but it will be a result of their own choices.

Yes, those who worship the beast and do not repent of it will "burn in hell" but that needs to be correctly understood. My understanding is given at and following pages.

The Creator and Sovereign of the universe certainly does have the right to do as He pleases. That should be understood in light of verses such as 2 Peter 3:9 ("not willing that any should perish"), 1 Timothy 2:4 ("Who will have all men to be saved"), Luke 13:34 ("how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!") etc.

We should have faith enough to do what G-d says. However, it is nice to know that what He requires is only for our eternal good. A better understanding of the loving character of G-d has certainly helped me want to just do it more.

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The Greek has multiple words for forgiveness? God forgives (charizomai) whether we ask or not. Receiving forgiveness (apheimi) is by our choice.
God always forgives!