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Mr. Ronnie C. Baramasimbe (Elder)

by Ronnie C. Baramasimbe
(Milton Keynes, UK)

Thanks so much for going at length to express your opinion and even reminding us of the (principle of) freedom of expression. After I had circulated the message about that Corpus Christi (movie), somebody sent me your response. Your presentation is very good and it even reminds us that our LORD GOD himself allows us to have free will in terms of our choices; He doesn't force us even to follow or worship Him, but the truth shall and will always set us free. Neither has He given us the Spirit of fear. So let those who want to blaspheme do so as their free will, choice or freedom of expression but let us also remember - judgment day is and will certainly soon come to pass. Be blessed and continue to praise our Lord Jesus Christ like there is no tomorrow.

Ray's Response:

Thank you Ronnie for recognizing the fact that God honors our free will and gives us freedom of expression.

By the way, I just posted a study on blasphemy and what it means. While many people would label this movie as blasphemous it does not necessarily mean that those responsible for it have committed what is commonly termed the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (or the unpardonable sin). God is still trying to reach those people along with everyone else. And until anyone finally, by stubborn resistance, turns off that pleading voice there will be hope for them. We serve a very merciful and loving God Who is indeed worthy of our praise.

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