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Pray for McNally's Soul

by G. Davis
(Rancho Cordova, CA)

I've never heard of this play, or the future movie coming out.

I was sent an email from my sister about this movie to send to other email addresses. I don't understand how that alone is going to stop this movie from coming out. People, I think need to, in some way, contact the studio where this movie is being made. We need to bombard the cast members with our feelings and let them know that we will try to make sure that our friends, family and others do not see it. Why should anyone pay money to see this kind of trash?

I once wrote a short paper about freedom in America and how it has gone haywire. However, that's beside the point right now. Right now, I don't know what to believe and I don't know what I, as a Christian should or even could do about this type of thing! I hope someone with more clout, money or whatever, will do what most of us can't do - like News People, Magazine Editors and perhaps even someone in Government. They could really help, if they would use their influence to keep this movie from being promoted and from being released.

This is what the Lord Jesus said would take place in the last days, so it is no surprise. I feel sorry for Mr. Terrence McNally. He is only showing how degraded he's become, and how unaware he is, as to his own judgment by God Almighty. Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth, but God has already judged him, because God is still on the Throne and Satan's doom is certain. It's just too bad that people like Mr. McNally, have no clue to the fact that Satan resides within them and they are doing exactly what he wants. Just like Eve in the garden of Eden, he's been blinded to the Truth. Poor man! I will pray for his soul.

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Apr 25, 2012
Oracion por este hombre, no esta en su sano juicio.
by: Anonymous

Me uno a orar por este hombre para que sea librado de las garras de satanas. Amen

Title translated (by Google) is:
"Prayer for this man, not in his right mind."

Comment translated is:
I join in prayer for this man to be freed from the clutches of Satan. Amen

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