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Prayer re The Corpus Christi Movie

by Pat
(Covington, Louisiana, USA)

Prayer is incredibly powerful, and tonight I will certainly pray for Mr. McNalley and anyone else who does not realize that when we die, we will stand alone before our Lord Jesus Christ and be judged. We should pray fervently and with love for all sinners, including ourselves. At the same time our Lord could have walked by the money changers in the temple and respected their free will, but he did not. The martyrs, who were the seed of our Lord's Holy Church, wagered their lives for their faith. Should we not wager our freedom of expression to defend what is holy? Whether this movie is a hoax or not, there is still plenty of evil to combat. Abortions Matt 18:14 have continued to mount, and gay so-called marriage Rom 1:26 is being taught to our children as a normal life option. So if we all sit on our hands there won't be a handbasket big enough. Besides, the sin of omission is one of the greatest sins of all.

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