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by Milton Fletcher
(Leavenworth Wa)

You state that it would be impossible to change the appointment times and yet the little horn had the Catholic Church change the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday thereby causing the saints to miss out on following His Commandments.

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Mar 22, 2018
Sabbath and the Vatican NEW
by: Jesse

The Catholic Catachism can be found in the resource section of the website; the section regarding the sabbath day commandment makes it very clear, in addition to the many other heretical commands of the church and pope, the the Vatican is very likely the little horn, and the Catholic government is very likely the adulturous church sitting kn the sea of people deceived by her crimson and purple and gold splendor and words of flattery. The Catholic Church is said to have secretly allied and supported Hitler while doing lip service to the Jews. I have read that the Catholic Churches origins began as a religious roman bank, and received powers by a religious ceasar, which shortly after began the reign of the Papal Empire. I believe it's primary strength remains largely financial, controlling large interests in worldwide monetary policy - but this remains speculation as it has no checks and balances of power.

Sunday, according to their writing, is the first day of the week and shall be called the Lords Day and shall be celebrated while the Sabbath should be rejected, as they openly write.

I believe we are at the point in prophecy where the beast with two horns is springing up from the earth, two nations becoming anti-christian force like unto the little horn and the government of the Holy See, resembling a lamb but is not, such as Canada and America resemble Christian nations but are becoming increasingly hostile to Christ and to truth.

I have read strong arguments for Israel in prophecy being gathered unto herself again, with wars to come which will make Israel untonher former self over time. I speculate the flying scroll in prophecy to be the internet and television and the like.

If it is true that the law and the feasts and the sabbath are still meant to be obeyed and observed in thankfulness and fathfulness, 90% of Poland has sinned in their Cathlic institution of the Lords Day into Polish law, immediately following their war memorial to the Jews who continue the sabbath - unknowingly continuing is their persecution of God's people.

Thank you for your ministry!

Mar 07, 2018

by: Ray

They changed it like I could say the speed limit is twice the posted speed and drive accordingly. I have and they had no authority to (pretend to) make such a change. The Sabbath is still on Saturday.

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