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by Anonymous

Dear beloved brothers and sisters..

I must admit, at first I was ashamed to react so quickly to this rumor. That is what it can do. When we let too much emotion take control of ourselves, we tend to do things spontaneously without having a clear conscience.

In this remark, I agree with the author for giving people the "freewill" to talk or do anything. Although Jesus Christ as our Father and God intended us to use this "freewill" in goodness towards Him.

Brothers and sisters, I beg of you.. PLEASE-PLEASE do not ever forget that our God (Jesus Christ) is Almighty. Should anything happen, we ARE THE ONE who should seek protection and refuge in HIM not otherwise.

Our Lord DOES NOT NEED ANYONE TO DEFEND HIM for HE IS GOD. The Creator of you and me as well as the people that are planning to make this deluded movie.

Remember Jesus Christ foretold that this would happen:

"Woe unto the world because of occasions of stumbling! for it must needs be that the occasions come; but woe to that man through whom the occasion cometh!" (Matthew 18:7)
May the Lord be with us all.


Thank you for your response. Yes, God is quite capable of taking care of Himself.

Note that I am advocating more "freedom of conscience" than the right to "do anything" one pleases.

There is a fine line in what is an appropriate reaction and this line will be different for each person according to their understanding of God's standards and our responsibility.

And He does want us to rely on Him for protection and for all our needs. I really like this verse:

"Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing." (Psalms 145:16)

And I like it not just because of the assurance of His care but because it tells me something about Jesus' character.

And, of course God is very concerned about people who put so much attention and effort into much of modern media and "the big E" (the entertainment industry) either as producers or consumers. We should be learning of Him and spending some time in His word. I know for many people this is a very foreign idea but Bible study, when done correctly is very rewarding and I'll end with this thought for non-believers - if there is a God and you ignore Him and His offer of eternal life, you have lost everything. But, if there is no God and you follow what you believe to be His ways you will have a happier life now and lose nothing in eternity. You have nothing to lose if you follow Him.

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