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Sin Equals Ill Health

by Laurence Bosma
(Victoria, B.C. Canada)

Jesus Writing on the Ground

Jesus Writing on the Ground

It would seem from several examples you used and other verses that sickness, disease and all sorts of afflictions are based on or come from our sinning. Even including, as you mentioned, manifesting physical ailments from our guilt/shame/unforgiveness/subconscious mind. Cause and effect: sin less and get a cold less often; even do what God says and don't get sick at all; even further, do what God says and be blessed; share with people the good news and have all sorts of great little miracles happen to you.

I also wish to comment on your John 8:6 "translation" of the word "sand" instead of the typical "ground" translation from Strong's 1093. My understanding is that when Herod built up the temple mount platform (as that is where Jesus was according to John 8:2) Herod didn't put any sandboxes up there. I don't think there was any "ground" there except for solid stone. My guess would be that Jesus was showing those smarty-pants Pharisees that he was the author of the "law of Moses" as in He was probably writing the 10 commandments right there in the solid, stone ground with his finger.

Ray's Reply

Thank you, Laurence, for your comment. I like it - the idea of Jesus writing the law in stone - at least because it shows some good thinking of possibilities of what happened. I just used the word "sand" in the caption for the image (shown again above) without claiming it was a better translation - I could have used "dust."

My understanding has been that what Jesus wrote was details about their sins which would, of course, have brought conviction. The thought I brought out was "While the law (designed to protect us) was written in stone (signifying its permanence), Jesus recorded sins in the sand (signifying how ready God is to erase them)." Of course, erasing or forgiving sins was the emphasis of my study.

If He had actually written the Ten Commandments that also would certainly have brought conviction. If He had actually engraved the words in solid stone that probably would have caused a different reaction. Of course, it would have been pretty good evidence to back up His claim to divinity. However, I find, in scripture, that Jesus worked His miracles only for the benefit of others, never in His own defense.

Interesting thought though and perfectly in accord with:

"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." (Isa 1:18)
On your first paragraph - there is tremendous benefit, mental and, I believe, even physical (because of the close connection between the two) from a sense of right doing. Just as there is great detriment to us from feelings of guilt and shame.

Keep digging in the word. Thanks again for your comment and, by the way, I lived in Victoria for about 6 years - a beautiful city.

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