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The Corpus Christi Movie a Distraction

by Caroline Astell-Burt

Hi there. This kind if discussion is a distraction. We are all made in God's image and all filled with His Spirit. We have a message of joy and redemption and new life for everyone. This hoax is designed by someone to show to the world that Christians panic about homosexuality. (sadly, what's new?)
I wish Christians panicked about bankers, and cheats and fraudsters, war mongers, and murderers as much!

Do not forget that all art is fiction. The silly pictures of the blond, blue-eyed Christs that were on the walls of UK primary schools are a case in point. Please everyone learn to handle art as it is; if you don't like, it don't watch it, look at it, buy it, or listen to it. Remind people that it is art and for any of us who have had that amazing encounter with the Holy Spirit we know the difference between truth and untruth, and what is counterfeit. I can imagine the Devil rubbing his hands.....(I speak imaginatively as an artist) "Oh no, those Christians are doing something really worthwhile, loving their neighbours, caring for the sick, preaching to those in prison. I will put a stop to that, a bit of homosexuality will get them all off track!

As a Christian, and an artist and a gay woman, I greet you all, brothers and sisters!

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