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The Corpus Christi "Movie" - An Abomination

by Angelo
(San Bernardino County, USA)

The pseudo-film or idea of it, is still an abomination to a majority of people - religious and non-religious.

Response: Angelo, what you say is, no doubt, correct. It is just important for Christians to not have a reaction that further alienates people who think differently than they do. In all areas of behaviour, we must be able to separate the sinner from the sin. After all we are all sinners; we may just have different favorite sins.

Again, the point of what I have written on about the Corpus Christie Movie is that everyone should be allowed freedom of expression. I expect that someday that right will be removed from Christians - along the way to tighter restrictions such as not being able to buy or sell without accepting the Mark of the Beast (Revelation 19:20) Christians should treat everyone, regardless of their actions, beliefs or lifestyle in a Christ-like manner.


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