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The Corpus Christi Movie - Don't Let it Distract You

by Yashoni, a Christian Woman
(Trinidad and Tobago)

Fear of the unknown can often cause people to create such filth. I want to suggest that we who understand the life of Christ, we who believe in our hearts should not pay attention to all the ungodly commotion around us. We should just remain focused as this is only a distraction for us from what is important. There is nothing in the Holy Bible that could lead to such a story line but what a man thinkest in his heart so he is, lives, speaks etc. What a mind to want to depict Christ in this form! Don't get distracted. Stay focused. God bless you.

Yashoni, thank you for your comments. It is easy to get distracted by others comments and by the overwhelming amount of information available everywhere these days. I am trying to keep focused on understanding what the Word of God itself says first of all. And then to write pages and otherwise share the Word with people so that they can know what the future holds, what God has in store for them and especially of His wonderful character and great love. I believe understanding that truth will overwhelm people's desire to spend time with such things as is the subject here. Thank your for your encouragement.


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