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The Corpus Christi Movie - Is it Really a Hoax???

by Janna Leigh Haymes
(Leslie, AR USA)

Hmm! After receiving the e-mail-I wanted to check the validity before I sent it on. Most of what I've found says its a hoax. Then I found this site talking about it. As a Christian, I agree with several things you say but - yes, here comes the but - you say does not list it. Imdb does list a movie called Corpus Christi to be in theaters in 2012 but you have to be a paid subscriber to access any information. So instead of sending the email on - I guess I will pray and take a wait and see attitude until more true facts are released.

I know in the past there have been movies released that were really bad movies that at the beginning did good business because certain church groups were protesting but after the protest died down and word of mouth came out about how boring the movie really was - sales dropped off. And, sadly, if the hype is true, this is NOT the first movie depicting Christ as homosexual.

The movie referred to in the original email was a hoax. What you see listed at IMDB is for the film Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption. The Producer of it also commented in this forum - see the post "You Have Your Corpus Christi Movie Facts Correct" This was posted by the producer of the film mentioned above and he likely knows the history.

You make a good point though that publicity, even negative, by people protesting something they disagree with can help to promote something like this. Praying and individually trying to lead others to the truth are perhaps the best options.
- Ray

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