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Why Are We Here?

by Brendan Swift
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Why are we here? What is the very nature of the Universe around us?

Answer: The word "universe" is a combination of uni (one, as in a one-wheeled unicycle) and verse (or voice) referring to the one voice, the voice of God that created it all. Everything that you can see including the stars and planets were made by "one voice" - the voice of the Creator, God. He also refers to the Bible as His voice or His word. His written word tells us about His created word and about history (His-story) past and future. It also tells His (intelligent) creatures how they can relate to Him.

I like to say that "God's ultimate plan or goal is to make as many people as possible as happy as possible for as long as possible."

He made humans and angels free will beings and, in doing that, took a risk which, unfortunately, turned out badly when Lucifer, who was one of the covering cherubs, chose to rebel from God's authority. See the origin of sin. which explains how God choose to deal with sin.

Ultimately, this universe will return to its pre-sin state.

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