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You Have Your Corpus Christi Movie Facts Correct

by Nic Arnzen
(California, USA)

The documentary I mention refers to the current documentary that is about to be released. I believe this was the documentary the previous commenter was referring to as well. I think you have your facts correct There was indeed another documentary titled Corpus Christi before the play opened.

> 1997 Corpus Christi documentary about the life of Christ is released
> 1998 Corpus Christi play opens. The play imagines a Jesus character growing up gay in 1950's Texas
> 2006-2010 Reimagining of the play opens
> 2011 Corpus Christi: Playing With Redemption, a documentary about the 2006-2010 production of the play is about to begin a festival run.

I meant to express that the film shows real men and women who were ousted, shunned and even hated at times by certain individuals. Certainly not by a religion as a whole. The idea of Christianity, I believe, is based on a concept of love not hate. It is individuals who twist bible verses to fit their own agenda and then lean on these verses to call others sinners and make them feel like their natural feelings are wrong; they are the ones who may be filled with fear or hate at times.

Many Christians say God does not make mistakes. So one would argue a natural feeling of pure love is not a mistake or even a sin. Jesus lead his life in a way that taught people to love their fellow man. So if someone leans on a bible verse to hurt another human being they have not chosen Jesus.

I am certainly happy to receive "updates", "monthly prophesy newsletters" or whatever you choose to call them. I think open and respectful communication like yours is the best way to expand our own consciousness, explore different ways of thinking and allows us to see things more clearly. The way you fairly put out the facts as you knew them really touched me and compelled me to write. It would be my good fortune to continue to hear from you.

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