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EGW Supplementary Comments

to He Changes the Times and the Seasons


Following are comments from the writings of Ellen White that supplement the full Immanuuel Velikovsky Study on the main site:

The three angels messages: We understand that the three angel's messages that were, in a sense, given in the mid 1800's, will be repeated. Several quotes that say the messages will be repeated are:

"These [seven thunders] relate to future events which will be disclosed in their order. ... Then Daniel's prophecies have their proper place in the first, second, and third angel's messages to be given to the world." (BC7 971)

Note that Daniel's prophecies include the time periods in question. That is the reason for including the evidence for a repeat of the proclamation of the three angel's messages as supporting the time periods being yet future. Other quotes that suggest the three angel's messages will be repeated are:

"And at the commencement of the time of trouble, we were filled with the Holy Ghost as we went forth and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully. ... 'The commencement of that time of trouble,' here mentioned, does not refer to the time when the plagues shall begin to be poured out, but to a short period just before they are poured out, while Christ is in the sanctuary." (EW 85)

"The messages of this chapter [Rev 14] constitute a threefold warning ... which is to prepare the inhabitants of the earth for the Lord's second coming." (GC 435)

"all three messages are still to be proclaimed. ... These messages we are to give to the world ... showing in the line of prophetic history the things that have been and the things that will be." (SM2 105)

"The message of Revelation 14, proclaiming that the hour of God's judgment is come, is given in the time of the end..." (SM 2 107)

Ellen White's "sudden" statements: She writes many statements which refer to or imply a sudden event to usher in the time of the end. The reason I include these as a possible reason is that the sort of calamity she seems to indicate about could be on the scale that would be required to readjust the calendar.

"So now, a sudden and unlooked-for calamity, something that brings the soul face to face with death, will show whether there is any real faith in the promises of God." (COL 412)

"Yet when the storm of opposition and reproach bursts upon them ..." (GC 609)

"Confusion fills the world, and a great terror is soon to come upon human beings. The end is very near. We who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise." (8T 28)

"Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones." (9T 11)

"... they recognize that something great and decisive is about to take place,-that the world is of the verge of a stupendous crisis." (PK 537)

"Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise." (PK 626)

"The work of the people of God is to prepare for the events of the future, which will soon come upon them with blinding force." (SM2 142)

"... be not deceived ... by the syren songs of the sleepy shepherds crying peace and safety when destruction is just ready to burst upon the world." (ST Jan 3, 1878)


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