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Ellen G. White Referenced Studies
and Topical Quotations

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This page provides the links for additional pages that include references to the writings of Ellen G. White (EGW) who is regarded by many as an inspired writer. The pages listed here will be of interest mostly to adherents to those denominations that came out of the Millerite and Second Advent movements of the mid 1800's such as Seventh-day Adventists and similar groups.

The pages are divided into the following four categories:

About her writings - mainly what she said about them
EGW collections - collected EGW statements on particular topics
EGW studies - studies about or that include Ellen G. White statements
Other articles - other articles with a Spirit of Prophecy relevance

The navigation bar to the left provides links to other pages on this website that do not include any such references and are written for general usage. Some of those pages may be very similar to the pages listed below but with the references to the EGW writings omitted. There are no links on any of those pages to the material available from this page so if you go to any of those pages you will have to use the back button on your browser or again enter to return to this area.

Use the index below to access pages that contain EGW material.

About Ellen G. White Writings
Links Description
About Ellen G. White and her writings-COMING Background and Biblical evidence for the idea of a modern, extra-Biblical prophet. Don't ignore 2 Chron 20:20.
EGW a prophet? Her use of other authors There is talk of Ellen White having used the writings of other authors for some of her works. How does this affect her status as a prophet?
EGW correct use of her writings An example of the correct way to use her writings - to shed light on scripture but not to use to prove a theological point.

Collections of EGW Statements
EGW statements about her own writings-COMING We need to consider the statements she made about her own writings and understand them correctly, especially in relation to the Bible.
EGW statements about the shortness of time In common with even many inspired Bible writers, she always saw and wrote of the time remaining before the Second Advent as very short.
EGW statements about new light to come She said many times things like "truth is advancing", that there is "new light" to come and even that some of our "cherished views" may need to change.
EGW statements about a sudden calamity In various statements she warned of "a sudden and unlooked-for calamity," "an overwhelming surprise" etc..

EGW Studies and Supplements of EGW Statements for Studies on the Main Site
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- Click "EGW supplement" to see the EGW info presented here that supplements each study.     (EGW references are not used on the main part of this site as it is designed for general consumption.)
Evidence that God may yet again adjust the calender. It has happened in the past with Joshua's long-day and Hezekiah's sun dial.
Why would you want to be skeptical about the message that God is even better than you might have thought?
Evidence from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy that the day of Pentecost was and should be on a seventh-day Sabbath.
What is the correct time to start and end the Sabbath? Is it sunset to sunset or sunrise to sunrise or sunrise to sunset? Here is the Biblical answer.
A detailed look at Testimonies vol. 1 page 116 regarding the question above.
Just what did the statement "divinity did not die" really mean? Did Jesus die completely or not?
A phrase-by-phrase examination of what is meant by "Christ was standing at the point of transition ..." in relation to Passover observance.

Other Articles Relevant to a Spirit of Prophecy Viewpoint
Ten points which the pope made in his recent encyclical which seem to directly relate to fulfillment of Spirit of Prophecy.
If Palm Sunday (Nisan 10) was on Sunday, then Nisan 14 would land on Thursday. Here is the solution.

(References to EGW writings use, more or less, the standard abbreviations for her books.)

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